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The unique Ecuadorian artist, Nicola Cruz, has always held a strong curiosity and enthusiasm for his Latin American ancestor’s cosmogenesis. For that reason he pours their history into his musical creations. His artistic path includes a considerate, vigilant exploration of the existing heritage and practices that form the identity of South Americans. More specifically, the African and Andean elements, full in their individuality and significance, have led Cruz to highly regard the different culture’s rhythms and oral traditions. He also takes the various instruments into great account as they emulate a substantial and meaningful energy to their audiences.

Released in 2015, his very first debut record, Prender el Alma, examined the growth of consciousness and spirituality, and how the two concepts have an extremely purposeful relationship with music. Continuing on the journey to further understand the extraordinary meaning music can carry, Cruz created his latest album, Siku. In this 2019 production he discovers additional wells of inspiration and is able to broaden and develop his point of view with supplementary stories and even more cultural perspectives. Additionally, his collaborations with other artists from around the globe quickly become a pivotal phase during the progression of composing this particular work. To dive deeper into the importance and attention to detail behind the choice for this album’s title, a siku is a wind instrument that holds great meaning for Cruz. A descendant of Andean origin, this instrument is profoundly emblematic in rituals practiced by the culture’s ancestors. The siku includes the arca and the ira, two separate, but complementary components. The two parts seem to portray duality, which exists as a fundamental principle of the indigenous world view. This perspective separates itself far away from the binary outlook that is limiting, yet has become widely prevalent in western societies. In place of the binary, we see a boundless, vibrant culture associated with inclusivity emanating from Nicola Cruz’s spirit, as well as his musical ability and creations.

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