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When “Ghetto Kraviz” dropped in 2011, no one knew a superstar was about to be born. Nina Kraviz is a Russian producer, DJ and vocalist who’s taken dancefloors across the globe by storm. Born in Irkutsk, Siberia, Russia, Kraviz fell in love with house music while listening to the radio as a young girl. She immediately developed a love for music and singing.

She moved to Moscow to study dentistry while simultaneously racking up gigs as a songstress in Moscow nightclubs. She developed a bit of fame as a nightclub singer, but knew she wanted to produce her own music too. In 2005, Kraviz was accepted to the Red Bull Music Academy in Seattle, Washington. However, issues with her visa kept her from attending. She attended formal music training in Melbourne instead.

In 2007 with the trio MySpaceRocket, Kraviz appeared on her first house track, “Amok.” The minimal house track showcased her signature, breathy vocals. Less than two years later, however, she found herself going solo. She released a handful of singles, most regularly with Rekids, a UK-based independent record label. Rekids would eventually release the long-lasting club track, “Ghetto Kraviz,” as well as her self-titled debut album.

“Ghetto Kraviz” showcases the singer and producer’s trademarks: wispy vocals that are totally improvised. After recording her vocals, Kraviz usually chops, loops and edits them to fit her minimal tech house style.

Kraviz founded her own label трип (Trip, in English) in 2014. She took a stab at music writing for video games in 2020 for Cyberpunk 2077, and in 2021 she gave a song to the compilation album 100 Years of Colombia - PX​-​99. The album was a techno compilation with the intent to raise awareness about the social unrest in Colombia. Her latest release, the single “This Time,” features both an original and instrumental version.

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