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Emerging from the vibrant streets of Brooklyn, New York, Palazzo, whose real name is Peter Palazzolo, is an electrifying presence in the electronic music scene. Raised in an Italian family with a rich musical heritage, Palazzo was introduced to the enchanting rhythms of freestyle and disco at an early age through his parents. It wasn't long before he was captivated by the pulsating beats of electronic music, with Afrojack's "Moombah" igniting a passion that would define his life.

Palazzo's sound is a mesmerizing blend of groovy basslines with soaring, emotional melodies. He draws inspiration from an array of artists, including deadmau5, i_o, Vintage Culture, Volaris, and Jamie Jones. His creative prowess is anchored in the evocative and uplifting, creating soundscapes that captivate the heart and move the feet.

With an innate flair for performance, Palazzo began his journey as a DJ at the tender age of 15, spinning tracks at local bars and private events. Prior to adopting the moniker Palazzo, he was known as MIME. Under this alias, he garnered an impressive portfolio, gracing the stages of New York’s largest EDM festival, Electric Zoo, and Shanghai's Storm Festival. His previous releases permeated dance radio, and he boasted remarkable remixes for renowned artists such as Sam Smith, DJ Snake, French Montana, Macklemore, and Why Don't We.

Seeking evolution and an avenue for his maturing sound, Palazzo was born. His upcoming debut EP, titled "Canvas," is eagerly awaited and will feature two enthralling tracks, "Sungazing" and "First Day." Scheduled for release at the end of July, "Canvas" is poised to showcase Palazzo’s sonic artistry in its full splendor.

Recently, Palazzo made his debut performance under his new persona, sharing the stage with Patrice Baumel at Superior Ingredients in late June. Palazzo’s music is driven by a desire to connect deeply with his audience, immersing them in waves of sound that elevate and inspire. His art is a bridge, through which listeners traverse emotions and find unity on the dance floor.

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