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Described as a “techno philosopher” in an article done by festicket, London-based Alistair Wells AKA Perc, is one of the most well-respected names in techno and shows his passion for the genre through a deep knowledge and understanding of it. Wells is known for his immaculate ability to mix modern techno bangers with OG tracks from the founding father of house and techno.

Before he was Perc, Ali Wells was part of a band in his early teen years and then started producing music around 16. In an interview with 15 Questions, Wells explains that he likes the full control he has when he produces his own music as opposed to the compromises one must make when part of a band.

Wells runs his own imprint, Perctrax, which describes itself as “an electronic record label releasing the best in techno and experimental music since 2004,” on its bandcamp page. The label has seen releases from the likes of Marc Ardipane, Scalameriya, Perc and Manni Dee to name a few.

When asked about the darkness heard in his type of techno, Perc responds with an explanation about how mainly men are pulling from very dark aesthetics, gory horror films, sinister artwork and even costumes on stage which can be quite aggressive for the casual observer to take in. “I think it (techno) can express a whole wide range of emotions and by reinforcing this image, a lot of artists aren't doing the genre any favours,” he continues. (festicket)

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