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Sidney Charles, the Hamburg-born DJ, producer, and label boss, has perfected the art of high-impact house music, characterized by its distinctive depth, melody, and groove. This unique style has propelled him to the forefront of the underground music scene. Last year marked his most prolific, boasting numerous chart-topping releases, significant recognition from Radio 1, and standout performances globally. In 2023, Sidney aims to further cement the influence of his Heavy House Society label, even launching its new residency at Berlin's renowned Watergate.

The past year has witnessed Sidney leaving an indomitable impression on the industry. His captivating performances graced venues in Ibiza, including Amnesia, DC10, and Cova Santa. He enthralled large audiences throughout South America, the US cities ranging from Miami, Las Vegas, New York to LA, and played pivotal gigs in Spanish cities like Input and Fabrik Madrid. He frequented Italy, made regular appearances in the Netherlands, and nurtured close ties with UK epicenters like Manchester's Warehouse Project and Leeds' Mint Warehouse.

Sidney possesses an innate talent for bridging the gap between music's past and present, masterfully crafting sets that draw from rich legacies while introducing fresh nuances. Every set is an unpredictable journey rooted in compelling grooves, infused with Sidney's fondness for jazz, hip-hop, and funk. His deep understanding of 90s sounds melds seamlessly with robust basslines, culminating in the irresistible "Sidney Sound."

Even years after his initial breakthrough, Sidney consistently tops the charts with his innovative tracks. In 2022 alone, he secured three number one spots on Beatport's genre charts across three different labels: his own, Eastenderz, and Hot Creations. He has also collaborated with esteemed labels such as No Art, Locus, PIV, and Do Not Sleep.

Sidney's Heavy House Society has rapidly become a respected source for groundbreaking house music. The label showcases a blend of established artists and emerging talents like Kolter (aka Djoko), Luuk Van Dijk, Locklead, Madvilla, Luca Donzelli, M-High, and more.

In 2023, alongside a collaborative EP with Kolter, Sidney will spearhead Heavy House Society nights beneath the iconic LED ceiling of Berlin's legendary Watergate club. With upcoming solo EPs lined up for his label and others like Cécille Records, MicroHertz, and PIV, and a planned studio session with East End Dubs, Sidney Charles undoubtedly remains at the pinnacle of his craft.

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