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Desert Hearts is a distinctive event brand at the epicenter of the House and Techno music scene. It began as a humble 200-person gathering in the Mojave Desert in November 2012, organized by founders Mikey Lion, Lee Reynolds, Marbs, Porkchop, and Kristoff McKay. Despite facing challenging weather and other adversities, the event lit a spark that transformed Desert Hearts into a leading force in the West Coast music scene.

Desert Hearts Founders: (L-R) Mikey Lion, Porky, Lee Reynolds & Marbs.

The founders are a vibrant crew with unique backgrounds. Mikey Lion, the label boss, is recognized for his signature top hat. Lee Reynolds, an ex-pro BMX legend, found a new thrill behind the DJ booth. Marbs provides the artistic flair for the crew, while Porkchop, Mikey’s younger brother, is known for his lively personality. Rounding out the quintet is the visionary Kristoff McKay.

What started as a nomadic gathering soon morphed into a series of renowned festivals known for their intimate ambiance and top-tier performances. Artists such as Tiefschwarz, DJ Harvey, Monkey Safari, Claude VonStroke, and many more have graced the stages of Desert Hearts festivals.

In 2014, the launch of Desert Hearts Records signified a new chapter for the collective. This free record label, curated by Mikey Lion and featuring artwork from Marbs, has helped cultivate talent worldwide, with notable releases from Andreas Henneberg, Latmun, Dance Spirit, and even the core Desert Hearts Crew.

A defining characteristic of the their community is a unique token that members often wear. The Desert Hearts necklace is more than just a piece of jewelry; it's a tangible symbol of belonging and a testament to the shared experiences within this vibrant community. Adorned by many with pride, it is often the spark for conversations, connecting individuals over their shared love for House, Techno, & Love.

The necklace encapsulates the ethos of Desert Hearts, representing the unyielding spirit of acceptance, creativity, and radical self-expression that flows through every festival, record, and gathering. Each wearer is not only a fan but a family member, contributing to the immersive atmosphere that makes Desert Hearts so unique.

The City Hearts party series became a mobile ambassador for the brand, bringing the Desert Hearts experience to major cities around the globe, from Los Angeles to Toronto. Regardless of location, every event encapsulates the Desert Hearts ethos - House, Techno, & Love.

Desert Hearts' influence has now reached tens of thousands of fans, proving that the Love Movement is only growing. With every event, attendees become part of the Desert Hearts family, contributing to an environment that’s so uniquely welcoming and celebratory.

With a thriving record label, a non-stop party series, and a continuously growing family, Desert Hearts continues to promote an atmosphere of acceptance, creativity, and radical self-expression. Their story is a testament to the transformative power of music, unity, and relentless passion.


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