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Picture the scene: gangly stilt walkers passing through the crowd, supple acrobats performing dizzying aerial displays and tribal elders chanting hypnotic verses in a long-forgotten tongue. You may have entered the dreamlike state of Storytellers.

Storytellers is the brainchild of enigmatic creative director Doumi San. The godson of legendary nightclub owner Ricardo Urgell, Doumi was immersed into party culture from a young age. Hanging out with the colorful characters that frequented the scene, it was an inevitability that this exposure would stir a curiosity in Doumi that would later crystalise in adulthood.

That blurring of childhood and adult experience at such an impressionable age would manifest in Storytellers. Tapping into childlike wonder, Storytellers helps facilitate the release of the inner-child in all who attend. That innocence and curious nature amplified and set free to dance.

Storytellers parties are like wandering into an Aladdin’s cave of childhood memories. Mountains of dusty books, cuddly toys being carried away by umbrellas and fantastical characters from the deepest recesses of your imagination - all come to life within the realm of the party.

And where does this adventure unfold? Against the pristine backdrop of open-air Cova Santa. What a canvas to project upon. A more enchanting, and thus fitting location is unlikely to exist.

While the visual stimuli may spark regressive memories, the aural stimuli is forward-thinking. Storytellers' music policy and roster of acts are closely linked to the Burning Man sound - deep “desert” house. It’s not only DJs who play, but also some of the most technically gifted live musicians on the party circuit.

Eclectic acts like Red Axes, WhoMadeWho, Bora Uzer and Karala Dust are just a few examples of the bookings that add to the Storytellers mysticism. An intoxicating fusion of acoustic and electronic styles, combining live instrumentation with modern hardware and digital sounds, resulting in captivating live performance.

This is the Storytellers way, enthralling at each turn of the proverbial page.

Storytellers is also an intergenerational party. Children can attend, with entertainment, workshops and food options all designed with them in mind.

Who knows, maybe some of them will grow up to curate their own immersive parties, much like Doumi?

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