Bedouin present Saga with Pete Tong event artwork

Bedouin present Saga with Pete Tong

Sep 6, 202311:29 PM
Pacha Ibiza

Eivissa, Spain


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Aug 27, 2023

Tiffany Bennett

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Bedouin present Saga: A mesmerizing night awaits at Pacha Ibiza.

As the summer heat continues to embrace the White Isle, it's time to prepare yourself to dive into a world where East meets West, traditional merges with modern, and music becomes magic.

On Wednesday, September 6, from midnight, prepare to be enchanted as Bedouin bring their much-acclaimed Saga residency back to Pacha Ibiza for its 15th installment of the summer.

Known for their enchanting Middle Eastern-inspired escapades, Brooklyn-based duo Rami and Tamer, better known as Bedouin, have woven a tapestry of sounds that transport listeners straight into the heart of a desert oasis.

Ethno-vocals, hypnotic rhythms, and the scent of aromatic incense are just a few elements of the immersive experience awaiting you at the island's original superclub.

From the moment you step into Pacha, expect to be greeted by a world where flowing drapes, mesmerizing dancers, and organic tones play under the soft glow of dimmed lights.

The ambiance? Unparalleled.

And if the unique world that Bedouin crafts wasn’t enticing enough, the legendary Pete Tong will be joining the lineup.

Known for his trendsetting sounds and as an industry titan, Pete Tong's inclusion promises a harmonious blend of the fresh and the familiar, the experimental and the iconic.

Since its 2017 debut, Saga has become an emblem of mysteriousness and innovation on the island. With accolades such as the DJ Awards title for Best Night on Ibiza in 2019, isn't it about time you experienced the magic for yourself?

Bedouin's signature blend of deep, desert house combined with shamanic elements, paired with Pete Tong's iconic sounds, is sure to craft an auditory adventure that's both captivating and invigorating.

More about the lineup

Bedouin have had a strong presence at Burning Man since 2012, and have played some of the world's biggest festival stages, including Coachella and Tomorrowland.

Throughout the years, they have played in multiple venues across the White Isle and also secured a residency in Las Vegas - something practically unheard of for an underground act.

They have chosen a musical approach that is distinctive and experimental - some have even said it’s a musical genre of its own and has been well received at Pacha week in, week out.

Pete Tong, a transformative figure in the electronic music scene, has dedicated his career to discovering and sharing exceptional music and talent, notably through his Ibiza Classics project which reimagines dance music anthems with a live orchestra.

Beyond his influential radio shows, Tong's focus has shifted towards curating immersive musical experiences, mentoring new talent, and contributing to the industry through his role at ThreeSixZero Recordings and the International Music Summit, all while continuing to explore his passion for DJing and music production.

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