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Aug 7, 20236 PM
DC-10 Ibiza

Sant Josep de sa Talaia, Spain


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Aug 1, 2023

Tiffany Bennett

3 min read

Week 15 of Circoloco at DC-10 Ibiza: Monday, August 7, 2023

Since 1999, Circoloco has been a must-do on any true ravers Ibiza list. Officially starting as a Monday morning ‘afters’ session from 6am through to 6pm, this underground event has a rich history on the White Isle.

On August 7, the club at the end of the airport runway will open its doors in the afternoon at 6pm, with the party running for a solid 12 hours. It’s a true stomping session - are you ready?

Over the past years, Circoloco has become synonymous with the raw, authentic Ibiza clubbing experience, standing out as a beacon of underground, house, and techno.

So far this year, the team behind the brand has set out (and succeeded in our opinion) to take this reputation even higher.

Known for its electric atmosphere and matchless music scene, DC-10 Ibiza has always been the favorite playground for true party enthusiasts.

It started off as a small farmhouse near Salinas. It was transformed into a music bar that could fit 80 people by Spanish brothers Deogracias and Antonio Lara Moreno.

In 1999, Italian event organizers Andrea Pelino and Antonio Carbonaro joined the team and launched Circoloco. As Circoloco became more popular, the club night evolved along with it. The rest, as they say, is history.

With planes flying overhead, the outdoor garden area sets the stage for a mesmerizing sunset session, as the club's sound system over-powers the passing jet engines.

And when the darkness of night takes over, the energy moves inside to the Terrace and Main Room, where the vibes elevate to a new level of intensity.

The upcoming Circoloco session boasts a staggering lineup including Adam Port, The Blessed Madonna, C.Frim, Chloé Caillet, Curses, Dresden, Haai, Luciano, Mano Le Tough, Mochakk, Romy, Saoirse B2B Bambounou, Tarzsa, Cormac, Jay Nortown, and Sossa.

Circoloco at DC-10 Ibiza is not just an event, it's a marathon of rhythm, dance, and shared energy that stays with you long after the last beat has dropped. In the spirit of Circoloco, it's a no-frills, no-nonsense, pure club vibe experience.

Gray Area Top Tip: Get to the garden early enough to enjoy some time dancing in the open air. It’s definitely worth it.

Make sure you're a part of this unforgettable night.

Dance under the open sky, meet like-minded music enthusiasts and lose yourself in the underground, house, and techno sound of Circoloco at DC-10 Ibiza on August 7.

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