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Adam Port, real name Adam Polaszek, is a DJ and producer born in Germany. Unlike many other DJs who got their start with house and techno in a very self-referential way, 16-year-old Adam was into Hardcore. As he got older he uncovered his love for hip-hop and leaned heavily into that genre. It didn’t take long for him to become interested in turntablism and start collecting vinyl to pursue a career DJing. After his skills evolved and he became more comfortable behind the decks, he discovered techno.

Though many people have put his music into the category of house or techno, his production is constantly evolving. Take for example his latest release, “Forms of Love”, which intertwines strings and horn pads along with a catchy piano hook to create a harmonic tune that sends listeners on a dreamlike drift. As a DJ, Adam likes to keep his sets interesting, not only for the crowds but also himself.

Adam’s music and overall career goal is simple; he wants to connect the three different worlds he lives in - music, a straight edge lifestyle, and fashion. His sophisticated grooves have been described as deep polyrhythmic patterns that slowly rise to a climax, causing a floor-bound euphoria. He has landed tracks on imprints such as Freerange, Pets, Cocoon, and Moon Harbour.

While you may have seen Adam Port’s solo act at Coachella, Circoloco, Lost Village, and Time Warp, he is also part of a five member Berlin-based collective known as Keinemusick. Not to be confused with his own label, Keinemusik is composed of three other DJs, Rampa, &ME, and Reznik along with creative designer/artist Monja Gentshow. This group of friends has been performing and producing together since 2009.

Whether working alongside Keinemusik or releasing solo tracks under Adam Port, the music coming from Adam feels like a dancefloor meditation that makes time fade into insignificance.

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