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Disco Dom presents INFERNO Roller Revolution

Jun 30, 20247 PM
United States

Brooklyn, New York



Disco is the undoubted foundation of modern dance music, and there are few things more joyful than a day spent dancing to the classics as the sun shines down from above. On June 30th, join us at Xanadu, Bushwick's newest and most exciting multi-use venue, for an unforgettable night with celebrated producer and DJ Dombresky as he transforms into his fabulous sequined alter ego, Disco Dom.

Xanadu, set to open in June 2024, is a versatile 16,000 sq ft space in the Bushwick Arts District, designed to be a roller rink, music venue, and nightclub. Just half a block from The Turk’s Inn and Sultan Room and conveniently located in front of the L train Jefferson Street stop, Xanadu promises to be a hub of excitement and entertainment. It boasts the only wooden roller rink floor in the five boroughs, a surround-sound PA system by d&b Audiotechnik, and unique features like an elevated "cuddle puddle" art installation and secret bathroom dance parties with a DJ setup.

Xanadu Roller Arts, Brooklyn New York

The French-man Dombresky, known for his high-energy, joyous hands-up house music, channels the sparkling effervescence of a shiny disco ball under his Disco Dom persona. He first toyed with this idea at EDC 2021, where he rocked the campground with a sun-soaked set of throwback favorites that would have had your momma doing The Hustle. His further adventures into disco have resulted in some of the wildest party moments of his career, including two rounds of disco dynamite in 2022. Disco Dom reached his final form, shutting down the bionicJUNGLE stage with a sunrise set at EDC 2023.

Inferno is all about bringing that classic disco vibe back to the forefront and getting people moving on the dancefloor. I want fans to feel the energy, and just let loose, you know? It's about creating that electric atmosphere where everyone becomes part of the rhythm, and the music takes over” - said by the Disco Dom himself.

Last year we had a sold-out show with Disco Dom on the Roof of Superior Ingredients. Now it’s time to elevate the party. At Xanadu, you can expect Disco Dom to go all in on revitalizing the unmatched glamour and hedonism of Studio 54, accenting his deliciously fun sets with an avalanche of sing-a-long classics.

Xanadu's spacious 7,000 sq ft roller rink, large stage extendable up to 820 sq ft, and comprehensive PA system and DJ gear setup make it the perfect venue for Disco Dom's spectacular show. The venue also features two private party rooms, numerous VIP tables and booths, a fully licensed bar, and a catering-ready kitchen with creative menu options, ensuring a complete and immersive experience for all attendees.


Don’t miss out on this extraordinary event. Put on your furs and platform shoes, and join us at Xanadu for a night filled with sparkling effervescence, glamour, and electric disco grooves as Disco Dom takes you to Boogie Wonderland.

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United States

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