Eats Everything presents History of Rave New York: US Debut event artwork

Eats Everything presents History of Rave New York: US Debut

Mar 9, 202410 PM
United States
The Chocolate Factory

Brooklyn, New York

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Embark on a mesmerizing journey through the annals of rave culture at The Chocolate Factory in Brooklyn on Saturday, March 9th for "History of Rave", featuring Eats Everything making his hugely exciting and much anticipated North American debut performance in the United States as part of a stellar lineup also including Melé and Madam X, promising a night where past, present, and future of electronic music converge.

Eats Everything, the visionary behind "History of Rave," has been a pivotal figure in reshaping the electronic music landscape. His innovative approach and relentless energy have created waves across the globe. Immerse yourself in his genre-spanning set, a testament to a decade-long journey that has seen him evolve from a local hero to a global dance music icon. Fresh off the press in 2023, "Get Up," debuted as a blend of nostalgic rhythms and modern house vibes, set to be the anthem of the night. Having played at iconic venues like Printworks London and festivals like Tomorrowland, Eats Everything continues to shine bright in the name of EDM.

Melé, a name synonymous with high-energy and genre-defying sets, brings his world-renowned sound to New York. His fusion of world music-influenced house, UK sounds, and classic grooves has captivated audiences worldwide. Celebrate his decade-long journey that includes the massive success of "Conga Mode" and "The Panther EP." Notably, Melé has rocked stages at sold-out shows at Knockdown Center and elrow open air, showcasing his ability to electrify diverse crowds with his unique brand of vibrant and rhythmic music.

Madam X, an underground sensation, is revered for her ability to navigate through dubstep, techno, and a myriad of genres with fearless finesse. Her record label, KAIZEN, has become a beacon for avant-garde club music, garnering acclaim from industry heavyweights like Ben UFO and Mall Grab. Experience her artful blend of sounds, a journey through the uncharted territories of electronic music.

"History of Rave" is a homage to the high energy and rich heritage of rave culture. Eats Everything brings his decade of rave evolution, Melé infuses his globally recognized rhythms, and Madam X delivers her genre-bending explorations. Together, they create an electrifying atmosphere that transcends the typical boundaries of electronic music.

The Chocolate Factory, with its unique ambience and state-of-the-art sound system, is the perfect backdrop for this musical odyssey. It's a place where memories are made, and legends come alive. As the beats resonate through the venue, each corner of The Chocolate Factory will pulse with the energy of rave history.

Be part of this extraordinary night, where the legacy of rave is celebrated, and its future is forged. Whether you're a lifelong raver or a newcomer to the scene, "History of Rave" offers an experience like no other. Tickets are selling fast, and this is an event you won't want to miss. Join us and be part of the movement that continues to shape the world of electronic music.

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The Chocolate Factory

70 Scott Ave

Brooklyn, New York

United States

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