Miss Monique Chicago Headline Debut event artwork

Miss Monique Chicago Headline Debut

Feb 2, 202310 PM
Miss Monique Chicago Headline Debut event artwork


It is always rare when a DJ comes into the spotlight without a massive slate of hit records. We have come to expect many DJs to really be producers first, building a reservoir of hits before receiving attention for their skills on the decks. For Miss Monique however, the opposite has happened. Although her catalog is extensive, and she received tremendous acclaim in recent years for her productions, she truly made a name for herself over the years as a DJ first.

Miss Monique - YearMix 2021

Known for her smooth mixing of techno, classic trance, and proper progressive house, Miss Monique’s live sets quickly gained notoriety. By the end of quarantine, her profile rose to unprecedented levels as the increase in viewership of her live sets led people to discover her incredible talent. In 2021 she released an incredible EP with Purified Records, Land of Sunshine, that offered a true showcase of her ability to blend unique, melodic sounds. Coming off of this, she will be embarking on a groundbreaking American tour in which she is displaying her skills behind the decks to fans all over the country.

On February 2, Miss Monique will stop at the legendary PRYSM nightclub in Chicago. PRYSM is one of the premier nightclubs in the nation, known for high-level production and sound quality that make it the perfect space for a Miss Monique set. Encompassing 10,000 square feet, the venue is large enough to hold top-end production while also maintaining an intimate feel that is perfect for extended sets, allowing the crowd to be close to the DJ while also having room to dance and enjoy the venue.

At this early stage of Miss Monique’s career, anything is truly possible. What will she be known for in the years to follow? Come to PRYSM in Chicago on December 3rd and watch as she builds that legacy one carefully executed mix at a time.


1543 N Kingsbury St

Chicago, Illinois

United States

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