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Aug 31, 20235 PM

Talamanca, Spain


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Aug 24, 2023

Tiffany Bennett

3 min read

Music On Daytime at Destino: The Party to End All August Parties

Here we go again, Ibiza-lovers! As the month of August reaches its end, what better way to round it off than with Music On Daytime at Destino Ibiza?

Set your sights on Thursday, August 31, and block out your calendar, because if you've experienced the Music On magic before, you know this isn’t a party to ignore.

This outdoor haven, perched gracefully on Cap Martinet, becomes the playground for those craving that authentic Ibiza experience.

From 5pm all the way through to midnight, you can watch Destino transform from a sunny al fresco party to a nighttime rave.

Marco Carola, the techno maestro himself, will obviously be headlining this final date of the 2023 series. If you've caught his sets before, you understand the hype. Blending the best of dark techno with underground house, Carola knows how to keep a crowd entranced.

Those signature beats, those mesmerizing drops, do they ever get old? The answer is a resounding no.

While Marco Carola's name alone is enough to sell out venues, Music On Daytime teases us further by keeping the other names on the lineup under wraps.

But, given their history of inviting global sensations like Black Coffee, Luciano, and Loco Dice, it's evident that it will be star-studded.

So, the question remains: Who will join the legendary Carola on August 31?

Ever since its inception in 2012, Music On has been Marco Carola's dream-made-reality. It's a place where techno vibes reign supreme and music quality is paramount. With both Destino and Pacha Ibiza as its backdrop, every edition becomes a testament to his vision.

Italy’s Marco Carola has carved a distinctive mark on the worldwide electronic music landscape with his fresh and innovative approach.

As a trailblazing producer and the brain behind numerous music labels like Zenit, Question, One Thousands, and Do.Mi.No, he's consistently raised the bar.

Music On has set new standards in both clubbing and music evolution, serving as a testament to Carola's deep roots and expertise in the music realm.

With a diverse range of musical creations, Carola's dedication shines brightly. He's crafted five standout albums and an array of mixed compilations. Among these, Play It Loud, unveiled in 2011, truly showcases his knack for producing tunes that connect deeply with audiences globally.

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