Clara Cuvé Brings Hard Techno To Boiler Room at Bónusz Festival

Feb 10, 2023

Austin Miller

2 min read

Born in Munich, based in Berlin, Clara Cuvé's roots go back to classical piano, in which she trained since the age of four. Her music interests evolved over the years, ultimately leading to purchasing her first synthesizer at 15, an accumulation of a healthy record collection, and an interest in DJing. Clara’s first DJ experiences began at 19 in her hometown of Munich. The city continued to play an essential role in her development as she took residency at Rote Sonne nightclub and became part of the Stock5 label and event group. She now resides in Berlin, techno’s flagship city, and her art has only continued to grow.

While she’s never been one to be pigeonholed into a single genre, Cuvé’s uninhibited energy for hard techno is undeniable. Time and time again, she’s shown just how promising the sounds of the new school can be. Clara put these sounds on full display at the Boiler Room stage in Budapest’s Bónusz Festival this past October. Wasting no time, Clara leads off with an ominously devastating intro. Hang on tight, kids. This is going to be fully loaded 94 minutes. The ensuing onslaught of hard tech, laden with references to classic and presently popular samples, keeps staunch purists fully present and newcomers engaged. It doesn’t matter who you are, a psytrance edit of “Ich Bin Die Zukunft” will have you absolutely floored. The night’s energy primed this set to be one for the books. Other artists on this same Boiler Room bill included Charlie Sparks, DTNB, Klangkuenstler, Lee Ann Roberts, Nur Jaber, Shlømo, and TRYM. You know, an artist like Clara Cuvé was brimming with inspiration when surrounded by an arsenal of talent like that.

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