Keinemusik Drop a Mesmerizing Set Aboard the Mayan Warrior at Burning Man

Dec 2, 2022

Luca Rizzello

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German collective Keinemusik reached a landmark moment in their career by taking the helm on the Mayan Warrior Burning Man art car. Their set was characteristically lush, uplifting, and melodic, driven forward by vocal and percussive elements by a clash of cultures around the world.

"Our first time ever on the playa was overwhelming,” the group explain. “We knew that our debut at Burning Man had to be as the group that we are: Keinemusik. Being given the huge honor to play the iconic sunrise set on the Mayan Warrior during the Robot Heart link-up was a dream come true for us.”

Hailing from Berlin, Keinemusik consists of DJs and producers Rampa, &ME, Reznik, and Adam Port, as well as artist Monja Gentschow. Both a collective and a label, the crew banded together in 2009 through shared musical aspirations.

&ME, a production intern, first connected with Rampa, a commercial composer, over a shared love for hip-hop in 2006. The two worked together at TRIXX Recording Studios in Kreuzberg, known for clients like Wu-Tang Clan and Wolfgang Tillmans.

“It was like being in a candy shop,” Rampa recalls in an interview with Crack Magazine. &ME would work 12–14-hour shifts, then invite friends who were too broke to afford their own equipment to experiment with the studio gear through the night. Before the studio manager arrived in the morning, everything was hastily sorted back to its original place, as if untouched. Then, &ME would jump straight into the next day’s shift.

Reznik, originally a music journalist, met Port during the same period. The two bonded over their teenage roots in hardcore and punk music. Port introduced Reznik to Rampa and &ME, whom he’d met at Nike parties in the city. In 2007, the gang played as resident DJs at Picknick and befriended one of the bartenders: their current visuals head, Gentschow. Two years later, Keinemusik became official.

Today, with collectivism and positivity at their core, Keinemusik are in high demand at clubs and festivals worldwide. Next up on the crew’s busy tour schedule is Rakastella in Miami, Hawã - Indoors in Düsseldorf, and Circoloco in Istanbul.

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