Class is in Session with Prunk's 'Story Of House'

Feb 17, 2023

Austin Miller

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To appreciate where you are and where you're going, you must know where you came from. Few artists in the house music space embody this more than Dutch DJ and producer, Prunk. If its got groove, soul, and pulsates with smooth, hypnotic rhythm, there's a good chance Prunk is nearby.

The PIV Records label head has been a champion of classic house, both past and present, for the entirety of his career. While his sounds have expanded across dance music over time, Prunk never forgot his first love—something he reconnected with this past January, releasing his sophomore album, Le Funk.

"This album is a tribute to my entire music career," Prunk shared in an interview. "My first DJ name was Prunk Le Funk, mainly because I only played funky house in the early years. Le Funk has been removed from my entire DJ name because I didn't want to be connected to just one genre. With this album, I wanted to show that there is still enough 'Funk' in Prunk with a nod to the past," he explains. "My album really had to be a house album and I wanted to do this with a warm, soulful, funky sound. I have tried to make this album with young and old talent. One of my dreams was to make a track with house legend Jovonn and I succeeded because he did the vocals of 'Story of House'. In the vocals he pays attention to how house originated with an important lesson for the new generation."

If you love house music—real, authentic, pure, unfettered house—this is the track of the week for you. "Story of House" is an undeniable new school blast from the past. A perfectly pocketed rhythm section casts an instantly infectious spell. Razor-sharp percussion, dynamic bass, brightly chugging guitar, and feathery keys lay an infallible foundation for the history lesson presented by the smoky vocal of Jovann. Push the desks to the side because this master class will have you dancing, and class is in session.

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