Kerri Chandler: 5 Captivating Moments in One-Minute Tales You Can't Miss

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Kerri Chandler: 5 Captivating Moments in One-Minute Tales You Can't Miss

The Record Store

Kerri Chandler reminisced about his first experience in a record store, guided by his father. He recalled his excitement as he picked up a few 45's and ran home to play them on his turntable.

The first record that captivated him was John Coltrane's "My Favorite Things," which remains a benchmark for him to this day. This formative moment sparked Kerri's lifelong love for music and set him on his path to become a world-renowned DJ and producer.

The Welder

Before embarking on his music career, Kerri Chandler had a job as a welder, even though he was underage. Despite the dangers, he loved the camaraderie and skills he gained at the job. However, an incident with his shirt catching fire convinced him that it was time to move on. He later became a travel agent and took on various odd jobs before ultimately focusing on his true passion: music.

Kerri Chandler | Boiler Room: New York

The Porsche

When Kerri Chandler first started making money as an artist, he indulged his fascination with Porsches and bought one for himself. However, within a week, he flipped the car in an accident. Although he emerged unscathed, he took it as a sign that he shouldn't have the car and gave it to his uncle. The experience taught him to be more thoughtful about his purchases and priorities.

The Sub Club

Inspiration while creating his album "Spaces and Places," Kerri Chandler found inspiration in the unique characteristics of the clubs he visited. At Sub Club, he was captivated by the sounds of a bingo hall outside and the vibrations from a nearby train terminal. By incorporating these elements into his music, he was able to capture the essence of each location and make them an integral part of his work.

The Sound Guru

Kerri Chandler's dedication to sound quality stems from his family's involvement in sound systems and lighting. As a result, he often repairs and adjusts sound systems at the clubs he plays at. His passion for sound even led him to recreate the Ministry of Sound system in his studio. Kerri's commitment to delivering the best sound experience has earned him a reputation as a true audiophile in the music industry.