Track Of The Week: SOHMI Selects Jil Tanner’s Hypnotic 'Trust The Process'

Apr 14, 2022

Austin Miller

2 min read

“Minimal Pop Tech” queen, SOHMI, joins us as guest curator for this week’s edition of Track Of The Week. The Korean-American artist has carved out a glistening pocket in dance music that is uniquely her own, free from the confines of genre, catering only to a groove and a good time.

SOHMI is currently preparing for her inaugural Coachella performance, followed by a substantial string of spring and summer performances. Thankfully, she cut out some time from her busy schedule to share Jil Tanner’s standout melodic tech track, “Trust the Process,” off her latest EP, The Vision. The journey within this selection is enough to blast even the most apathetic of bystanders into a full-on journey, highlighting Jil’s years of Dance music experience. 

“I recently discovered Jil Tanner's music and was instantly blown away by it. Her productions straddle that perfect line of minimal, groovy, and melodic - reminiscent of another powerhouse producer and DJ from Germany, the incredible Anja Schneider,” SOHMI says.

“One of my favorites from Jil's catalogue is a track from her latest EP, The Vision, called 'Trust the Process'. I had the chance to play it to huge audiences during both my recent shows with Boris Brejcha. Each time the track was an absolute moment. It's a driving groover that sort of keeps steadily climbing, pushed forward by impeccable drums, a winding synth motif, and splashes of crystalline arps. All of this leads to an epic, stuttering breakdown that builds tons of tension before finally sending us off into a final drop that is both minimal yet still impactful. It's exactly my kind of melodic tech house track: minimal and hypnotic with a hint of drama, without ever veering into the melodramatic.”

We love seeing appreciation from one eclectically experienced artist to another. If there’s one thing we can learn from both SOHMI and Jil Tanner’s careers, it is to “Trust The Process.”

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