Jamie Jones Brings Paradise to New York City

Sep 11, 2021

Alexander Dias

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The summer is ending strong in Paradise. Heavy-hitter house producer Jamie Jones brings his popular Paradise event series to New York City on September 25 to world-renowned Avant Gardner to showcase the best in house and techno. Get ready to escape, because you’ll feel like you’re on vacation in Ibiza for one of the best nights of dance music of the whole year.

“People often ask me why I called the party ‘Paradise,’ you know it’s kind of an obvious name in many ways, but to me it was because what I thought was lacking in Ibiza was what I always had in my mind that the Paradise Garage was - a crowd of musical minded adults who were dancing the night away with amazing colours all around them and just a real feeling of creativity and musical energy. So the name Paradise came from that idea.” 

- Jamie Jones

The event will bring us Opus 1’s US debut. The collaborative project between Jamie Jones and London-based Kate Simko is making its way to the Brooklyn stage for a cinematic, orchestral live performance early on in the night, so make sure to plan ahead and be there on time. 

Other names on the lineup include head of One Tribe NYC Amémé, Purveyor Underground label-head Demuir, Chicago house legend DJ Deeon, and more! But it doesn’t stop at music. New York’s iconic nightlife personality Ladyfag will also be doing their own takeover, featuring Boo Lean, Five, Michael Magnan, and Ruby Fox.

The last time New York City saw Paradise was 2017. So we’re excited for its long-awaited return after 4 years. Check out the lineup below and make sure to grab your tickets here before they sell out. And if you see us there, make sure to say hi!

Connect with Jamie Jones: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram Connect with Paradise: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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