5 Darius Syrossian Tracks Every House Fan Should Know

Jun 5, 2023

John Cameron

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“It’s all house and techno and I’m not interested in fads,” reads the first line of the always outspoken Darius Syrossian’s artist bio. Declarative as it might be, this statement highlights a key reason for his success as a DJ and producer.

In conversation with Deep House Amsterdam, Darius said he often thinks, “Man, I wanna play this again” when he listens to his old music. “I am so happy that I never followed any fads, because if I did, I’d be cringing thinking, ‘Why the hell did I make that.’ But people have often told me, ‘You are one of the DJs out there that we can instantly tell has his own sound.’”

It’s clearly served him well. Labels like Defected Records, Nervous Records, and Polydor Records have co-signed his dancefloor-ready sound. With tour stops throughout Europe, Australia, and the U.S., the singular Darius Syrossian sound has carried him on a vibrant intercontinental journey.

As outspoken as Darius is, his music speaks for itself. Read on for five standout tracks from Darius Syrossian’s ever-growing discography.

1. Jazzy - Giving Me (Darius Syrossian Remix)

The warm, garagey bass stabs of Jazzy’s 2023 track “Giving Me” made it a runaway success. Darius swapped these out for soulful yet futuristic atmospheres reminiscent of classic Chicago deep house. The result breathes new life into the source material without deviating too far from its core motifs.

2. Jamie Jones and Darius Syrossian - Rushing

Anthemic vocals, earthy hand drum samples, and a party-starting bass line — “Rushing” has it all. The 2019 track was a collaboration between Jamie Jones and Darius Syrossian, each artist an Ibiza clubland legend in his own right. What better platform for the release than Defected Records? “Rushing” fits right in with the storied and illustrious label’s celebrated discography.

3. Darius Syrossian - White Rabbit (Moxy Club Mix)

Darius returned to Defected Records with a particularly inventive cut in 2021. Cleverly built around instrumental samples from the Jefferson Airplane classic of the same name, the “Moxy Club Mix” of “White Rabbit” speaks to Darius’ inventive approach to house music. The original version shows itself in short bursts throughout the remix. Even in the downright house-ified sections, however, Grace Slick’s mischievous verses remain the focus.

4. Darius Syrossian and George Smeddles - Back In The Dance

How can a track embody all that is house music while still sounding so unique? Darius was involved, that’s how. He teamed up with George Smeddles on “Back In The Dance,” which came out in 2022. A wide assortment of classic synth sounds complement a soulful vocal refrain in this impactful collaboration. It came out on DFTD, Defected’s sub-label dedicated to platforming “new and undiscovered talent from across the globe.”

5. Mark Knight and Darius Syrossian ft. Prospect Park - Get This Feeling

When Toolroom Records don Mark Knight knocks, you answer. “Get This Feeling” would be exactly the kind of record that opens doors for an artist, whether or not a superstar DJ and producer collaborated with them on it. Diva vocals and disco grandeur made it a smash hit that currently sits just shy of 4 million streams on Spotify.

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