How Jamie Jones Guided a New Direction for Shermanology

Sep 16, 2022

Staley Sharples

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Shermanology got their start collaborating with legendary EDM acts, creating hits like “Can’t Stop Me” with Afrojack and “Blessed” with the late producer Avicii. But, while they loved the energy of the crowds, Andy and Dorothy Sherman found themselves hungry for a deeper, more authentic sound all their own.

Andy Sherman speaks of this dichotomy, explaining, “the EDM period really gave us the chance to know what we stand for. The music we made at that time, we wouldn’t play it ourselves. We learned so much and we had so much fun, but we never felt it was ours. We always felt we had somebody else’s shoes on.”

Searching for a truer form of self-expression, Andy and Dorothy Sherman made the collective decision to go back to the drawing board and start over sonically. Andy focused his time on his production skills, teaching himself how to mix and master his songs in order to retain complete creative control over the music.

Dorothy felt the call to her father Tony Sherman’s origins, packing in influences from Motown, R&B, and soul while infusing this sound with the music of the Caribbean-Dutch heritage of their home Curacao.

Though it started as an uphill climb to re-shape the Shermanology project, the duo’s trajectory shifted when they caught the attention of prominent house producer and Hot Creations label head Jamie Jones.

After snapping a picture with Jones years prior at a festival in Holland, Andy Sherman reached out to him via email with the photo and a few of their newest demos.

Jones wrote back, enthusiastically wanting to sign all of the songs Andy shared. However, Andy had already signed the tracks to Rawthentic, but Jones supported the releases to show his interest in the fast-rising duo’s new sonic approach. Shermanology would later release their EP Bon Bini with Jones’ label in 2020, paving the way for their infectious brand of house music to take off into the inimitable act it is today.

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