5 Tracks Every Low Steppa Fan Should Know

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5 Tracks Every Low Steppa Fan Should Know

The past decade has seen Birmingham DJ and producer Low Steppa rise through the ranks of dance music. So much so, in fact, that he’s landed an esteemed BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix and even recently started hosting a monthly mix series on Defected Broadcasting House.

The uninitiated fan may not know where to start when exploring Low Steppa’s music, though. With tracks that routinely garner millions of streams, he boasts a discography that would take one quite a long time to sift through with no filler to speak of. Worry not, because we’ve gathered a handful of tracks that offer a cross-section of Low Steppa’s output. Read on and listen to five tracks that every single one of his fans should know.

1. Route 94 - My Love ft. Jess Glynne (Low Steppa Remix)

Between its heavenly piano chords and Jess Glynne’s unforgettable vocal, “My Love” by Route 94 got rinsed in a great many DJ sets from 2013-2014. The bass line that comes in just after the 1:30 mark in Low Steppa’s remix sounded like little else on the dance music airwaves at the time. It amassed over two million streams on SoundCloud alone and helped establish him as an artist to watch.

2. Wanna Show You ft. Reigns

Low Steppa feat. Reigns - Wanna Show You

“Wanna Show You” is just good, old unadulterated house music. Diva vocals courtesy of Reigns take center stage in the arrangement, giving the track an undeniable measure of singalong appeal. Like so many Low Steppa tracks, the devil’s in the details. His piano melody and and atmospheres give the vocals just enough room to shine, amassing this single over 7 million Spotify streams.

3. Yung Bae - Bad Boy ft. bbno$ (Low Steppa Remix)

Yung Bae, bbno$ - Bad Boy (Low Steppa Remix)

There’s a reason Low Steppa’s 2020 remix of Yung Bae’s 2019 single “Bad Boy” featuring bbno$ broke 10 million streams on Spotify. Trading the disco instrumental samples of the original with a dramatic, emotive breakdown, Low Steppa invigorated the source material with a heaping helping of classic house flair.

4. Heard It All Before

Low Steppa - Heard It All Before (Official Lyric Video)

Low Steppa struck a seldom heard-of balance between deep and vibey, upbeat and lively in his 2018 single “Heard It All Before.” Diva vocal storytelling steals the show in the early bars of the track, not to be outdone by a reverberant bass line guaranteed to elicit a strong dance floor response at the drop.

5. Runnin’

Low Steppa feat. Kelli-Leigh - Runnin'

There’s good reason Low Steppa’s 2020 track “Runnin’” is currently sitting at a whopping 42.5 million Spotify streams. This song has the whole package: anthemic verses, stunning sound design, and a rhythm that makes it a surefire weapon in the set of any house DJ. Low Steppa set a high bar indeed when he delivered this instant classic.

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