5 Recent Low Steppa Remixes Sure to Set Any Dance Floor on Fire

Aug 31, 2022

John Cameron

3 min read

Low Steppa’s prominence in the dance music world has held steady for a number of years. He has numerous hits under his belt over the past decade that the average house music fan likely thinks of anytime his name comes up. There was, of course, his 2013 remix of Route 94’s “My Love” featuring Jess Glynne that played no small role in his career breakthrough. Then there were originals like “Heard It All Before” and “Runnin’” that soundtracked the end of the decade. Suffice it to say, Low Steppa is a consistently prolific producer.

It would be a shame for the magnitude of Low Steppa’s previous accomplishments to overshadow his recent output, however. That’s why we’ve tracked down five of his recent remixes to give a sonic snapshot of his current sound signature.

1. Kisch - Rock With Me ft. Syon (Low Steppa Remix)

“Rock With Me” by Kisch already featured a rave piano melody reminiscent of Low Steppa’s music. In his rendition, Low Steppa reinforces Syon’s radio-ready vocal with strings stabs and risers that elevate the energy to superclub levels. The end result is an earworm instant classic.

2. Alesso and Corsak - Going Dumb (Low Steppa Remix)

In 2021, Alesso and Corsak teamed up on a festival-ready big room house cut titled “Going Dumb.” Low Steppa teased out elements of the single’s stem files for a house remix that turns up the soul and brings some tasteful subtlety to the exhilarating source material.

3. Jodie Harsh - Good Time (Low Steppa Remix)

In February 2022, Jodie Harsh laid down a filter house/nu disco instant classic in the form of “Good Time.” Low Steppa set out to prove that one of his signature piano lines would complement her iconic, unforgettable vocal. Needless to say, he succeeded.

4. John Newman - Holy Love (Low Steppa Remix)

“Holy Love” by John Newman already had a lot of the qualities Low Steppa strives for when he sits down to cut a track. The U.K. producer still found places to inject his unique flavor, of course. House music is all about cutting and pasting pieces of existing music to emphasize its best qualities, and this remix speaks to the genre’s time-tested hallmarks.

5. Idris Elba - Fudge (Low Steppa Remix)

Idris Elba’s “Fudge” turned heads with racy lyrics and a stripped-back tech house beat suited for DJ sets at all-night parties. Low Steppa showed that even these subversive themes could benefit from an effervescent rave piano melody. Strings stabs and a buildup-drop scheme that maximizes tension and release make this one of the strongest remixes in Low Steppa’s ever-growing discography.

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