If Low Steppa’s Defected Radio Show Isn’t on Your Radar, You’re Missing Out

Aug 16, 2022

Austin Miller

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Defected Records has grown to become one of house music’s leading voices, serving as record label, event coordinator, and news outlet. The super brand marked a milestone this past February by becoming the first label to launch a 24/7 multi-format internet broadcast, delivering a non-stop stream of curated music content to fans around the world. Defected Broadcasting House Show includes archived club sets, two-hour radio shows, playlists, underground mixes, and more.

Advances in production software, equipment, online radio, and streaming platforms have transformed the dance music landscape by making the rhythms and sounds we love more accessible than ever. While it’s never been better to be a dance music fan, one could argue it’s never been more difficult to be an artist — or, at least, one that stands out. In a world where everyone wants to be a DJ, and artists must be seamless in their transitions, masters of energy manipulation, and deep in their crate digging, enter Low Steppa.

Low Steppa (real name Will Bailey) is no up-and-comer. The Simma Black label head is currently one the most influential house music artists in the game, helping to launch the careers of many of his contemporaries. Alongside his label, Bailey also has a wide selection of releases on some of the scene’s most revered labels. Among them are Armada Music, Strictly Rhythm, and Defected, the latter of which has become a regular medium for Low Steppa’s sonic expression through the Defected Broadcasting House Show.

A Low Steppa mix is not to be missed. Tracks effortlessly flow from one sample to the next, never breaking stride, energy ebbing and flowing as naturally as the tides in the ocean. Thematic elements old and new coalesce under a four-on-the-floor hypnosis that simply cannot be denied — any effort to resist moving to the infectious beat is only prolonging the inevitable. Each iteration of Bailey’s monthly takeover offers two hours of the finest sounds in house, from timeless classics to unreleased IDs and everything in between. If it’s got a groove, if it’s got soul, and if it’s got a tasty bass line, it’s somewhere in the queue.

So if you’re a fan of house music, a fan of the boots and the cats, if the dance floor calls your name, and the rhythm flows through you, consider this your formal invitation to Low Steppa’s takeover of Defected Broadcasting House. We’ll be there. Will you?

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