How Signing to Dirtybird Launched LUCATI’s Career

Dec 14, 2022

Ulises Vargas

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Over nearly two decades, Dirtybird Records has gradually become one of the most sought-after house labels—and for good reason. The imprint is known for its varied roster of artists who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty in the studio. It’s a distinct sound that attracts a diverse fanbase from all spectrums of the electronic music sphere.

Spearheaded by Claude VonStroke, the San Francisco-based brand has gained a reputation for being a forward-thinking, trendsetting collective and has bolstered the careers of artists who adhere to that ethos. Acts like Walker & Royce, VNSSA, Will Clarke, Kyle Watson, Ardalan, and LUCATI have all emerged from the Dirtybird nest and made a significant impact on the house music landscape.

LUCATI in particular is a textbook example of the power behind the label. After producing music for eight years, the USC graduate was inspired to finally deliver music to Dirtybird after his younger brother, Dateless, was signed to the imprint.

In an interview with Gray Area, LUCATI recalled his efforts to bolster his brother’s development as an artist. “I taught my brother everything that I knew,” he said. “But then he expanded on it and got signed to Dirtybird.”

After he gained traction in 2017 thanks to acts like Tchami and Malaa played his tracks, Dirtybird subsequently signed LUCATI to their revered label. Their partnership would debut on New Year’s Day 2018 with the release of the Whistling Duck EP.

Since then, the Southern California native has amassed a dedicated following that has witnessed his sound steadily evolve as he performs in nightclubs and music festivals the world over. Records like “DMs,” “Back 2 A Time,” and “Like This” with Dombresky showcase the versatility for which LUCATI has become known.

Part of that adaptable sound can also be found under LUCATI’s very own label, Kȯlmē Records. Initially a partnership between him and his brother, the two ultimately agreed to let LUCATI take the reins of the imprint.

Speaking on the matter, LUCATI addressed his goals with the label saying, “I’m trying to be more focused with really pungent releases … I’m also going to be releasing my own music on there as well.”

In 2022, Lucati added a string of rewarding milestones to his career including his first performance at Club Space in Miami and playing EDC Las Vegas. Not to be outdone, the rising star toured alongside John Summit and Chris Lorenzo in the late summer, gathering a legion of new admirers along the way.

Looking forward, LUCATI’s star is shining bright with no chance of dimming anytime soon. Recent releases like “Party Time” on Noizu’s Techne Records and his remix of Chris Lorenzo and Cobrah’s “Mami” have proven fruitful ventures. These undertakings have been a testament to the talented producers that come out of the well-oiled house music machine that is Dirtybird Records.

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