7 Tracks that Lean In on Lucati's Latin-tinged Sound

Dec 21, 2022

Carolina Quijano

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Since 2017, Lucati's been changing the sound of house music as we know it. Drawing on his Latin background, his music is dropping with hypnotic grooves and tropical percussion. Known for his mastery of clean, minimal vibes, his passion and dedication shine through every slinky synth line and shuffling drum beat. Simple, yet mesmerizing rhythms fill his work, ensuring each is full of summery fun and uplifting vibes.

Considering Lucati’s drive and dedication to music, it should come as no surprise that his motto is “Music Over Everything.” It’s how he lives his life and motivates his creative process. “Set aside the ego, set aside the things that you think you want. This is about us, it’s a community,” he explained to Gray Area during a recent interview at Electric Zoo.

We’ve selected seven Lucati tracks that represent the intoxicating sound of Lucati.

1. Pederoso

First up is a track from 2017, released on the Box of Cats compilation, Litterbox Vol 4. A bouncy house song, “Pederoso,” has out-of-this-world effects and a psychedelic feel. Super chill with a groovy bassline—a surefire dancefloor filler that Malaa, Shiba San, and Craig Williams supported.

2. Drumpf

So I was slightly hesitant to link a song that samples Donald Trump. What sold me was Lucati’s post announcing the release, which included a plea to “Vote him out.” Released in 2018 as part of his Dirtybird Records debut, Whistling Duck, Drumpf is a well-crafted tech house tune. This was the perfect way for Lucati to introduce himself. 

3. All About House

Next, we have Lucati’s “All About House,” which came out in 2019 on Confession. Featured on Malaa’s Illegal Mixtape Vol. 2, “All About House” is a mostly instrumental, deliciously bassy, tech house track. Repeating throughout is the refrain, “it’s all about house,” and you really do feel that that is what it’s all about.

4. Music 4 The People

Lucati made his debut on Wax Motif’s DIvided Souls Records with “Music 4 The People.” A blissfully chunky four-on-the-floor heater made for the big room sound systems.

5. Wav Yo Hands

Another release on Divided Souls, “Wav Yo Hands,” is an animated tech house beat brimming with groove and rhythm. It’s a track that’ll have you dancing, and with the vocals commanding listeners to ‘wav yo hands,’ you can’t help but follow along.

6. Party Time

“Party Time” is Lucati’s debut on Noizu’s TECHNE, and trust when we say it’s a heater. Bumping basslines and tech house vibes make this your new go-to party anthem banger. As the name suggests, it’s party time, and this song is ready for the dance floor.

7. El Oh Vee Ee

Lucati’s next offering is his “El Oh Vee Ee,” released on the newly rebranded This Ain’t Bristol label. Distorted vocals, glitchy effects, and a banging bassline make this track a bit otherworldly. “El Oh Vee Ee” takes you on a psychedelic journey of tech house and Lucati goodness, and I am so here for it.

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