Lucati Paves the Way for the Future of House Music

Oct 11, 2022

Kennedy Cymerman

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LA-based DJ/producer, Lucati is at the forefront of a new wave of house music with an organic brand of tech house fused with Latin beats and alluring textures. His straightforward, powerful approach to music and hilariously absurd social media presence has made him a dynamic and much-talked-about figure in dance music. His no-nonsense sound harkens back to a simpler time in house music, when a groove could carry you into a state of funk-fueled bliss. He's a reminder of why we fell in love with house music.

While seemingly fresh to festival stages Lucati's production prowess dates back more than a decade. He broke through the noise in 2017 when artists like Tchami, Malaa, and Claude VonStroke began playing his music in their sets. However, 2018 was arguably the turning point of his career when he released his debut EP Whistling Duck on VonStroke’s esteemed label Dirtybird.

“I actually had a project maybe eight, five years before that. And I taught my brother everything that I knew. But then he expanded on it, got signed to DIRTYBIRD. I graduated from USC, did the rat race, hated it. And he inspired me to send music to DIRTYBIRD. And one year after he got signed, I got signed.”

While there is a unique unifying spirit in dance music, running the game as a producer or DJ can at times be competetive. You'd think having a brother in the same field might create a bit of sibling rivalry, but Lucati has nothing but respect for his brother, who goes by DATELESS.

“He's my younger brother. And he's amazing...He's incredible.”

The respect is mutual. When they were ready to take the next step in their careers, they moved un unison by launching their label, Kȯlmē Records. However, as their artistic goals evolved individually, they parted ways as co-label heads, leaving Kolme in Lucati's capable hands.

“Initially, it was the concept of just putting out music between me and us. But what we decided was that I have a different concept for it. And he basically had another idea, he started a new label called Thanks for Sending. We kind of just split ways in that regard.”

Kȯlmē isn’t the standard, prototypical house music label. As a “monolith of inspiration and trendsetting” Kȯlmē aims to shed light on the golden age of house music, with Lucati proudly sitting at the helm. But you can’t rush perfection. So instead of sticking to wildly ambitous release schedules, every track is released when he feel that it's ready to be heard.

“With Kȯlmē, I'm trying to be more focused with really pungent releases. The last one I did was “Tribal Break” by 96 Vibe and Namik. And that track I played in all my sets, because it's such a powerful record," Lucati explains about how he curates his label. "So I'm looking for records like that. And I'm also going to be releasing my own music on there as well. Just very much with intention. It's not like a monthly thing, it's when the track is there.”

Kȯlmē Records focuses on what matters most, the music. A philosophy that rings true to Lucati's artistic motto, “music over everything.”

“It basically means set aside the ego, set aside the things that you think you want. This is about us, it's a community. When we're in the crowd, I'm no more important than anybody else. I'm here for you, and you're here for me. And we're vibing, we're feeding each other. That's the ultimate place where every time that happens, it's an amazing show. And you feel it. When you see me having fun, you're having fun. That's how it works.”

These sentiments easily translate into his live sets, and explain why he's become such a sought-after performer. This past August he threw down at the iconic Club Space Miami, which he claims is his favorite venue he’s played.

“It’s nonstop. It has the best energy. It has the energy of what I think house music actually is. You play as long as you want. There's no one-hour sets there. You got to give the DJ the tools to tell them who you are. Club Space. Everybody's gotta go!”

Lucati has certainly carved a route success, and is leading the way for a fresh crop of house music's finest. By keeping it simple, authentic, and never losing sight of his passion, he’s evolved into one of modern house music's most prolific artists. When asked what excites him the most about the future of house music, Lucati says the future is in great hands.

“I think that because the tools are so readily available to everyone, it's kind of leveling the playing field. I'm also very happy that John Summit is getting to where he is. Because this guy means well, feeds the underground…The guy is putting [in] the work. He means what he says. And this guy is going to be a leader. He's gonna have a whole chapter in the book of house music. I promise you. So what excites me is the leaders are the right ones. And the underground is ready to be taken to the next plateau.”

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