Lucati is on Track for a Breakthrough 2023

Jan 17, 2023

Alex Lambeau

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One of the fastest-rising names in tech-house is none other than LA-based producer and DJ, Lucati. 2022 was Lucati's year to shine, dropping a staggering 13 releases, including an EP with Chicago's Gettoblaster and a remix for Chris Lorenzo's hit single "MAMI." Lucati's broad sonic pallet has led to work with some of house music's most venerated labels, including Confession, the newly relaunched This Ain't Bristol, and John Summit's Off The Grid.

Beyond the music, Lucati's effervescent and hilarious personality lights up social media. While he may not be as bold with the hot takes as John Summit, the American DJ is known for his quick wit and ability to meme anything. Clearly, one of house music's most beloved producers, Lucati surrounds himself with positivity at every turn.

Ready for another breakthrough year in 2023, Lucati released a set of IDs he's peppered his club and festival gigs with over the last year, including his hotly anticipated remix of Frank Ocean's "Pyramids." The unofficial remix playfully bridges the gap between neo-soul and house, sampling Ocean's majestic vocals before swelling into a trance-like lead, stabby hi-hats, and a grooving bassline. Lucati proves yet again his innate ability to defy and define genre.

What's next for Lucati in 2023? The DJ's next release looks to be a highly anticipated single called "Energy." Weaving UK grime-inspired vocals with sexy deep house chords, he dives headfirst into a percussion-laden club weapon that's been heating up dancefloors. The song pulls on a more Ibiza-inspired sound than the producer is known for, possibly hinting at a play for the White Isle in 2023. One thing is for sure, Lucati is a name that will be on everyone's lips in the coming year.

Featured image: Lucati / Instagram

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