Massano's Eternal Sound Has Expanded the Sonic DNA of Melodic Techno

Feb 28, 2023

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Novices and experts alike would be intrigued to discover how a young artist navigated the unpredictable and highly fragmented entertainment industry to become a defining figure of the house and techno music genres. While Massano's pursuit of a music career cannot be labeled an unconscious product of innate passion, it is also disingenuous to assert that the artist knew for certain that he would dominate the house and techno scene.

In an interview with Forbes, Massano reveals his mindset on creating a sub-genre in melodic techno. He says, "I started a new concept, it's going to be called Simulate, focusing on the future of my style, like futuristic, aggressive and high-energy music." The pursuit of music was merely a hobby, according to the artist, but this diversion led to his discovery of his ability to produce his favorite music – house and techno.

Massano was also motivated by his love of techno – developed through exposure by his father – and the community comprising renowned artists. Massano achieved recognition after releasing his track "The Feeling," despite not being his first techno song.

Surprisingly, he admits in an interview with Groove Cartel he composed the track in just four hours. It was an unbelievable breakthrough, considering that many of his other songs took one to two days to complete. This artistic feat underscores Massano's successful exploration of his musical talent inspired by preceding kings of techno.

Massano's drive for techno was undeterred, even under the most challenging conditions for the industry. The recognition that followed "The Feeling" also allowed Massano to release his style without worry that it wouldn't land. It also offered opportunities to play alongside iconic names such as Tale Of Us, Camelphat, Stephan Bodzin, Anna and Mind Against, and Recondite at Tomorrowland Tulum, Hi Ibiza, Printworks, fabric, and Afterlife branded shows around the world.

Continuing his emphasis on standing out, Massano launched his imprint Eternity Sounds, which opened a door for underground artists to unveil their talent on a global platform. Listening to any of the songs released through the label, you can recognize the distinctive sounds reflecting Massano's artistic vision.

For reference, dive into Monophase's "For Better Days," a lush soundscape pumped through a gradual percussive build and glorious arpeggiated synth lines. Or "Rumble," produced by Fathomz, a transcendent atmospheric voyage launching listeners into the stratosphere via ethereal pads and intricate melodies before that galactic peak.

By creating a unique sonic palette that resonated with his personal experiences and emotions, Massano established himself as a trailblazer in the music industry, paving the way for other artists to follow in his footsteps.

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