Massano’s Humble Emergence into Dance Music

Feb 27, 2023

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Musicians emerge in many ways. Some are born with innate passion. Others discover their sounds through happy accidents; still, others harness their love on the dancefloor while raving with friends or are exposed to particular music by their parents. An artist's reliability, consistency, and anticipation glue listeners to their tunes. Originating from the outskirts of Liverpool, DJ and producer Massano is prominent in the limelight today. With his persistent driving techno style, he quickly gained recognition and support from respected composers in the dance community, such as Mathame, Camelphat, and Pete Tong.

Massano has achieved tremendous success in the Beatport charts with records on renowned labels such as Oddity and Afterlife. For first-time listeners, a typical song sounds aggressive yet unconventionally hypnotic. Massano's trademark melodic techno style extends beyond contemporary subgenres' limitations.

In an interview with When We Dip, Massano says, "I'd like to think people see my style as forward-thinking, always trying to improve and develop the next big sound trends, rather than follow them."

His power moves to continue making his name memorable in the scene led to the formation of his record label Eternity Sounds, presenting an opportunity for other upcoming artists to showcase their talent and show the world their capabilities. And indeed, in its short time, he's helped elevate the work of artists like Laherte, who went on to release with Stil Vot Talent, and Spanish duo Heolik who have dropped tracks with Running Clouds and Ushüaia music.

Massano does not profess to be born a musician, but his rise to prominence in the house and techno genres has a history nearly as old as the artist. The ascent of this trending artist is an exemplary example of how musicians explore their talents unconsciously.

"In high school, I always loved electronic music but did not really take a strong interest until college, when I started listening a lot to music from Drumcode artists, Camelphat, Eric Prydz, and then shortly after, Afterlife, Tale Of Us, Artbat etc.," he explained.

Despite his love for music, Massano didn't see himself as a successful composer. Rather, he desired to work in any capacity in the industry, even in seemingly mundane roles such as assisting people at event entrances. The young novice hoped that this exposure would provide him with crucial insights into how things run. Indeed, these early initiatives set the stage for the start of a thriving music career.

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