5 Massano Tracks You Should Know

Feb 10, 2023

Sierra Vandervort

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Hailing from the fringes of Liverpool, DJ & Producer Massano is now fully in the limelight. His relentless style of driving techno caught on quickly, earning him the stamp of approval from artists like Tale of Us, Mathame, and Pete Tong from BBC’s Radio 1. With quick endorsements from the dance community, Massano has now established himself as one to watch. His smashing success with the Beatport charts and releases on big-time labels like Afterlife and Oddity have only further fueled his fire.

For those unfamiliar, a classic Massano track will be aggressive yet hypnotic. His signature style of melodic techno often falls outside the constraints of modern subgenres. Maybe that’s why he started his label, Eternity Sounds, quickly after he emerged on the scene. Let’s take a look at some of Massano’s most influential tracks. We hope you’re ready to groove.

1. Massano - The Feeling

This is, without a doubt, Massano’s most successful track to date. Released in 2020 on Running Clouds, this sprawling eight minutes of dancefloor gold was one of the top 10 songs played at Tomorrowland 2022 and has received support from Tale of Us, Diplo, Fisher, Artbat, David Guetta, and Giorgia Angiuli. Though it was one of his earliest releases, “The Feeling” seemed to set the tone for Massamo’s ascent. The crowd-favorite track also received an upgraded remaster in 2022.

2. Massano, Øostil, Juan Hansen - Drown (Massano Remix)

“Drown” comes from the In My System EPa collaboration with Massano, Juan Hansen, and Øostil from 2022. The EP, released on Afterlife Records, would become one of Massano’s crowning achievements. All four tracks from the EP landed in the top five of the Beatport melodic house and techno charts. Quite admirably, this remix of “Drown” managed to hit the top 10 of all genres.

3. Yubik - Human Aura (Massano Remix)

This track encapsulates the Massano sound wonderfully: pounding bass, snarling synths, and a touch of melodic elements. Released to Radikon, this remix of Yubik’s “Human Aura” brings the previously dreamy track and grounds it deeply on the dancefloor. Massano teased the track at multiple worldwide sets, as did Kevin de Vries, Mind Against, Innellea, and Fideles.

4. Massano - Visitors

Massano burst onto the scene with his first single, “Visitors.” It makes quite a statement when you emerge with your debut single on your own record label. But then again, Massano has never been meek. It’s technically a techno track, but the retro melodic flourishes make it feel like something more. You hear remnants of “Funkytown” by Lipps Inc. in the warm synths. But you’re not at an 80s disco party with this track. Odds are you’re in a techno bunker or a darkened warehouse.

5. Massano - In Your Eyes

After a string of EPs, Massano released his debut album, Symbolism with Oddity Records 2021. The album is brief, clocking in at barely over 30 minutes, but it’s not lacking in substance. “In Your Eyes” is a sinister, minimal track with a flourish of glitchy synths that keep the momentum driving forward. The pounding bass drops out for a moment of release before snapping back with euphoric determination. It’s the perfect segway into the rising artist’s first album.

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