Paco Osuna: Behind the Decks at NOWHERE in Hï Ibiza

Sep 27, 2023

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In the heart of Ibiza, Spanish legend Paco Osuna brings three decades of expertise to the decks at Hï Ibiza, the world's #1 nightclub as ranked by DJ MAG. Paco kicked off Hï Ibiza's new YouTube series 'Elements', where leading artists share insights into their craft, equipment, and techniques. Every Tuesday, Paco curates a special event, 'NOWHERE,' in the Club Room of Hï Ibiza, reeling his audiences in with his exquisite taste in sound and his energy. Read on to delve into Paco's setup and understand how he consistently elevates the atmosphere of that room every week.

The Tech Behind the Magic

Diving deeper, we discover the intricacies of Paco’s setup. Central to his ensemble is the Allen & Heath Xone: K2 Controller, affectionately termed a MIDI controller. This piece dictates the "Traktor," where tracks charge into each channel. The controller is the brain, orchestrating effects, drums, and even navigating through Ableton.

But here's a secret: Paco has an ace up his sleeve, an older sampler, rare and coveted. Not just an antique, but a tool that amplifies intensity during breaks and serves as a lifeline in case of technical glitches on his laptop. With this sampler, the party never stops.

His soundstage is further defined by a Model 1 6-channel mixer. It's no ordinary mixer; it’s Paco's canvas. From distortion to percussion and loops, this mixer liberates his creativity. "The sky's the limit with this mixer," he emphasizes, declaring it the most critical part of his setup.

And the secret to the 'fat' and crisp sound signature Paco is famed for? The Antelope sound card. A conduit between his music and the audience. "I want the people to actually feel the sound from my end," he shares.

There's more to this maestro's arsenal. An old-school Midi controller, tethered to the mesmerizing effects from Ableton, sits alongside a drum machine pulsating hi-hats, drums, and claps.

Preparation Meets Passion

Behind every set is an intricate tapestry of preparation. This isn't a newfound discipline; it’s a mantra Paco adopted since his initial forays into DJing.

Paco leaves us with a profound insight into his performance philosophy. "The most important thing to me when mixing is creating moments," he emphasizes. "And that comes from playing with a technique, which is something you can't achieve playing track by track."

Hï Ibiza: The Ultimate Arena

In Paco's eyes, performing at Hï Ibiza isn't just another gig. He describes the feeling as akin to "being a professional race car driver and you're driving a formula one car." His reverence for the venue is palpable as he proclaims, "Hï is the Formula 1 of all the clubs in the world."

And as the night descends, the room at Hï Ibiza comes alive, bringing out grooves, precision, and pure techno magic with Paco Osuna at the helm.

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