From Studio 54 to NOWHERE: The Paco Osuna Passage

Sep 22, 2023

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With a steadfast legacy spanning over decades, understanding Paco Osuna requires a deep dive into his origins and the driving forces behind his journey in the music world. His tale offers a distinct picture of passion, growth, and the fortitude that fuels iconic artists.

Roots in Barcelona: Every legend has a beginning. For Paco, it was the moment his brother, working at Barcelona's Studio 54 (which their uncle managed), handed him a pair of headphones. The sound he heard not only changed his day but altered the course of his life. An immediate obsession took hold, leading him to learn and master the art of mixing, a passion that would shape his career.

The Ibiza Love-Hate Affair: Paco's bond with the island of Ibiza is complex. His initial years were marked by intense work; his residency at Amnesia had him opening for legends like Sven Väth and Tiësto. However, his true desire was to be a part of Cocoon. Sven advised him to carve out a clear musical identity, leading Paco to align himself more closely with the Cocoon agency.

The intensity of his daily grind in Ibiza, playing from 11 pm till close, took a toll on him. At one point, he considered leaving the island for good. Yet, something kept pulling him back. Perhaps it was the unparalleled energy of Ibiza, which he claims is unlike any other place in the world.

Paco with the Cocoon team at Amensia in 2001

Living in the Now... and Here: Paco's ethos of "living in the now" is rooted in profound personal experiences. A conversation with his ailing father left a lasting impact on him. His father's regret of working incessantly and not enjoying life serves as a constant reminder for Paco to cherish every moment. For him, while material pleasures are transient, time is irreplaceable.

Balancing Work and Leisure in Ibiza: While Ibiza means work for Paco, it's not just about the gigs. He finds solace in the simpler pleasures the island offers, like hanging out with his son and taking the day off at the beach. The place provides a perfect balance between his professional commitments and moments of relaxation.

Paco Osuna and his son

Nurturing New Talent: One of the standout features of Paco's NOWHERE residency is its focus on budding artists. In an industry where many tend to stick to established names, Paco chooses to spotlight emerging talents like Rafa Barrios, Dennis Cruz, Chelina Manuhutu, and more. For him, it's about the genuine love for the craft, not just the allure that surrounds the DJ persona.

Evolving in Electronic Music: To expand horizons of house music, Paco believes in continuous evolution. The repetitive nature of the music world doesn't suit his personality. He sees music as an avenue to facilitate sensational moments and experiences. For him, the goal is to constantly reinvent and offer something fresh to his audience.

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