Paco Osuna's Playlist: Where Past Meets Present on the Dance Floor

Sep 19, 2023

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Every Tuesday, the Club Room at Hï Ibiza floods with fluid grooves from Paco Osuna’s "Now Here" events at the world's top-ranked venue, as crowned by DJ Mag's Top 100 Clubs 2023. A set by Paco Osuna always one for the books; each track flawlessly fuses into the next, setting a lively atmosphere that ensures there's not a still foot in the house. The tone he sets is bombastic, leaving attendees with stories of indelible nights they tell their friends about.

For Paco, music isn't just a backdrop; it's the main event. This dedication to his art is evident in his choice to forego dancers and VIP tables at his "Now Here" parties. He tells DJ Mag, "Dancers take up space, but this club is for dancing. We focus on the music." He explains, "Music is my life. I even feel sad when I start to DJ and everybody gets their phones out." With an artist as gifted as Paco, who avidly feels the room and is fully aware of every track he loads, it's intriguing to delve into his sound process and grasp his formula for success behind the decks.

Double Take - Melanie Ribbe & Dakar

Paco Osuna points to “Double Take” by Melanie Ribbe and Dakar as a track that captures his musical aesthetic, a gem released on his record label, Mindshake. It embodies the groove and seductive vocals that have become synonymous with Paco's style. Melanie Ribbe, the talent behind this pompous tune, isn’t just any artist on Paco's playlist. She was handpicked by Paco himself to perform at his Now Here opening party, showcasing that she is an artist who has refined taste in music.

This track isn't just a casual listen; when played through the speakers of Hï Ibiza's crisp sound system, it turns into a call to the dance floor, urging you to let loose and shake it. Featuring a sultry bassline and foxy vocals, "Double Take" is up there in the tech house department. Adding a layer of richness to the track is its iconic sampling from Missy Elliot's iconic "Lose Control".

So Many Times - Gadjo

Paco recently expressed a deep connection to the track "So Many Times" by Gadjo. Released by the German DJ and producer Murat Arslan in 2006, this song achieved international acclaim, topping the dance charts in fourteen countries. The song delves into a narrative of persistent admiration and silent yearning. The protagonist observes his love interest, captivated by her allure every time he sees her. She's painted as someone constantly seeking an ideal romance, and he silently offers himself as her protective presence, her guardian angel. He's consumed by thoughts of her, equating his intense emotions to a forbidden act. The track reverberates with the theme of consistent, undying affection.

French Kiss - Lil Louis

When Paco was asked about a track that sparked his obsession with electronic music, he pointed to "French Kiss" by Lil Louis. Interestingly, this 1989 Chicago house classic became a topic of controversy in the UK. Caroline Community Radio, based in Essex, faced criticism from UK regulators for airing the track during morning hours, a time typically associated with younger listeners.

The regulator pointed out that certain suggestive elements in the song, lasting over two minutes, might not be suitable for children's ears. Nevertheless, this track possesses an undeniable groove and often finds its place in many of Paco Osuna's sets. Its vivacious rhythm, funky vocals, and ability to get the crowd going highlight its timeless appeal.

Blue Monday - New Order

Paco Osuna has expressed that if he were to play a track at his best friend's wedding, it would be "Blue Monday" by New Order. Considering that this imitable tune dates back to 1983, there's a discernible pattern in Paco's musical leanings. He has a knack for reintroducing classics from earlier eras, giving the newer generation a taste of the past. It's always refreshing to witness such a blend of old and new in his sets.

Enjoy the Silence - Depeche Mode

Paco Osuna, with his deep-rooted appreciation for music's timeless essence, selects "Enjoy the Silence" by Depeche Mode when asked what soundtrack he would choose for a movie trailer about his life. This '90s classic is a universal treasure and its familiar notes invite us to sing along, no matter the age or era. It almost feels like this music represents a more futuristic world than the world turned out to be.

Just as Paco masterfully bridges the gap between the past and present in his sets, this track embodies a legacy that reaches listeners across generations. It's no wonder Paco resonates with it; both he and the song have the uncanny ability to connect people through the sheer power of music.

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