The Sound of Collaboration: Nala and VNSSA's Girl Math

May 21, 2024

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Nala and VNSSA, two popping artists from Miami and Newport Beach respectively, have joined forces to create the exhilarating house music duo, Girl Math. Both began their journeys in the late 2010s, quickly rising in the dance music scene with their unique and groovy sounds. Their individual careers have seen them supported by notable labels, artists, and festivals, and their long-standing friendship and collaborative spirit have culminated in this exciting new project.

Nala, a multifaceted vocalist and producer, has been making waves with her versatile artistry. She effortlessly blends her vocal prowess with her production skills, creating tracks that resonate deeply with fans and critics alike. Her ability to navigate different musical styles has set her apart as a dynamic force in the industry.

VNSSA, with her rich background in drumming for indie and rock bands, brings a distinct edge to their music. Her experience in various genres allows her to infuse their house beats with unique elements, making their sound both innovative and irresistible. VNSSA’s rhythmic expertise and knack for creating infectious grooves have been instrumental in shaping Girl Math's signature style.

Their mini Girl Math tour has already made a significant impact, with standout performances at major festivals. The duo made a memorable debut at Coachella, captivating the audience with their electrifying set. Their chemistry on stage and their ability to engage the crowd have made them a must-see act. Following Coachella, they have performances lined up at other prestigious festivals like Bonnaroo, Electric Forest, and Elements Festival, where fans eagerly anticipate their energetic shows.

Nala and VNSSA's collaboration as Girl Math not only showcases their individual talents but also highlights the power of unity and creativity in music. Their combined strengths and shared vision have allowed them to create something special.

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