Nikki Nair and Nala

Aundy Crenshaw Queue’s Nala and Nikki Nair’s 90’s-esque Breakbeat Banger 'The World Is Always Ending”

May 12, 2022

Austin Miller

2 min read

When it comes to powerhouse women of dance music, Aundy Crenshaw is an absolute force behind the scenes. Six years ago, she stepped into the role of COO, CMO, and CFO for the beloved dance music label, Dirtybird, and has played a prominent role in its indisputable ascension to the highest echelons of both industry and scene.

Dirtybird has a well-earned reputation for left-field sounds, and while we should know better than to assume, those themes typically fall in the broad realms of house and techno. But this week’s track of the week finds Crenshaw and Dirtybird doing what they do best—keeping us on our toes—with a wavy, buoyant breakbeat from Nala and Nikki Nair, “The World Is Always Ending.”

“‘The World Is Always Ending’ is a track that you wouldn’t think of coming from Dirtybird,” Crenshaw shares.

“The track’s melody and vocals, created by Nala, is easy to sing along with which I love to do, and Nikki Nair’s production reminds me of 90’s music. The topic is harsh, but I feel like we’re all living in this state of mind everyday‑trying to save water because of the drought, living with wildfires in California yet still loving our lives. It’s a weird dichotomy.”

Tackling troubling times with immersive, upbeat sounds—dance music in a nutshell. And if anyone knows how to maximize the offerings of dance music, it’s Aundy Crenshaw.

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