AMÉMÉ Flips Jan Blomqvist’s 'Back In The Taxi' Into A Neon Midnight Mix

Nov 4, 2022

Austin Miller

2 min read

A luminescent rework for a sobering single

Since his 2011 breakout performance at Fusion Festival, Jan Blomqvist has been unshakable. His works prove timeless as 2016’s “Back In The Taxi” catches the interest of One Tribe captain AMÉMÉ for a 2022 remix flowing with futuristic vigor. AMÉMÉ has accrued a reputation for imbuing his work with the energy of his West African heritage, an ability he fully displays here.

Blomqvist’s original thrives on a haunting energy of distorted drones and strategically minimal percussion. AMÉMÉ first fortifies the entire rhythm section with a variety of organic instruments. This accentuated pattern provides a hardy foundation for the leading synth line to elevate this track into a laser-focused melodic power. The spine-tingling drones live on in the breakdown, bridging the gap between one generation and the next—giving an immersive experience that feels both familiar and fresh.

This new reimagining comes courtesy of the ever-prevalent Armada Records. It was AMÉMÉ’s first release with the Dutch label but not his last. This “Midnight Remix” was accompanied by a more percussion-focused AMÉMÉ rework, and two months later, he released the indomitable “Balafonerra” with the Armada team. The One Tribe founder has been on a tear in 2022, releasing three EPs and a host of singles and remixes.

For decades, Jan Blomqvist has been a multifaceted force in the European music scene. The ’90s saw Blomqvist perform punk, hardcore, Britpop, and rock & roll. As modern music evolved to include increasing amounts of experimentation with electronic instruments, Jan’s interest evolved with it. In university, he immersed himself in Berlin’s techno scene and the art of DJing. He eventually bridged the gap between band leader and DJ and perfected the concert techno sound bringing the stage presence of rock n roll to the dance floor of the clubs.

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