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Maybe you know Andres Campo from his all-night-long techno sets at Florida 135, a techno haven and Spain’s oldest nightclub, located in the small town of Fraga. Maybe you know him from his 2020 DJ Mag España cover. Or perhaps even from his appearances at global destination festivals like Tomorrowland or one of his regular gigs at clubs on Ibiza.

It’s safe to say, though, that you probably didn’t know him when he was 16. At that time, he was just starting out, playing trance and acid in small clubs in his Spanish hometown, Huesca. As a young musician, Campo says he looked for inspiration just an hour up the road, in Fraga, where the seminal techno artists of the time were playing at the very same Florida 135.

He’s come a long way—and full circle—since then. His hypnotic beats, which ease you into a rhythm before throwing a curveball into the mix—whether it be an unexpected vocal, a sample coming out the blue, or a fakeout ending—have led to a unique brand of European techno—and a cult-following for Campo.

With a prolific discography spanning EPs and singles alike—and with two EPs released thus far in 2022—Campo is clearly a force behind the decks. His DJing has led him to a residency at Florida 135, which he has held since 2012. His production, too, has opened doors, like signings at labels like RUKUS, Mindshake, and Odd Recordings. He also co-founded his own label, EI8HT Records, with fellow DJ/producer Eats Everything.

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