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It's hard to imagine a life outside of dance music when you grow up at the forefront of the Ibiza club scene. Ibiza-born DJ, musician, and entrepreneur Anna Tur carries on a legacy of her culture-defining family. She's established a dominating presence in the scene after years of heartfelt dedication, and both her innate artistic flair and unthinkable musical expertise only continue to bloom as her journey continues to unfold.  Art, music, and media were the backdrop of her life from a young age. It was inevitable that she fall into the industry's lap, never questioning how she ended up here. Her greatest inspiration comes from her upbringing in a stimulating and imaginative environment. "I'm so lucky to have been born and raised in such an inspirational place like Ibiza. It's the perfect place for those of us who aspire to dedicate our lives to music or any other artform. It's just a very inspirational place. It's home." As her role models, her parents played a tremendous role in shaping her into a progressive, forward-thinking creative. Her father, Daniele Luppino,  is the mastermind behind Ibiza Global Radio and her mother was a journalist and radio broadcaster on the picturesque island. After endless summers of observing their work and volunteering to assist them as a teenager, she was mesmerized by the thrill of working in the industry, Anna's story expresses the nature vs. nurture notion wholeheartedly. Thanks to a little bit of luck, a little bit of fate, and a whole lot of extraordinary talent, she's become one of the most fascinating artists in the industry today.  The world was her oyster, and she could go anywhere and everywhere she wanted. But the spellbinding ambiance of Ibiza anchored her. She couldn't imagine exploring her talents and uncovering her path in the music industry would lead to anywhere but there. She followed in her father's footsteps and managed Ibiza Global Radio for several years, and hosted the popular show 'ON AIR With Anna Tur.' But, when she launched her imprint, Lowita Records, she realized she craved more. She just knew there was something else she must accomplish.  This is where her adventure as a prosperous DJ began. Despite having well knows parents, she still paid her dues. Like most DJs out there, she started performing at local restaurants and venues around the island to smaller crowds. She was only familiar with mixing house music yet yearned to create her unique sound within the genre. Eventually, inspiration struck, and after experimenting with a varied palette of soundscapes, her obsession with techno ignited.  Her extraordinary sound comes thanks to her genuine creative nature and never-ending devotion to electronic music. She intertwines an exotic blend of hypnotizing, soul-stirring house and grooving techno.  She spent a lifetime around Dj culture. It's not just her passion. It's the central focus of her entire life. She's a natural storyteller, and on stage, she seeks to translate her intense emotional connection to music into peak dance floor experiences. "Watching people's reactions, seeing how I'm moving them with my music, and realizing how it makes them really feel something is what made me fall in love with doing what I do. From a young age, I've always felt the music. My parents would play records at home and they had to stop at times because I would cry of emotion. Music just does this to me, and I still get this way to be honest. I knew I wanted to make other people feel exactly like this. That's our main goal as DJs anyways." Anna's DJ career has blossomed since her debut at Space Ibiza in 2009. She's had groundbreaking performances at festivals like Dreambeach in Algeria, Untold in Romania, and Creamfields on the Carl Cox Invites stage. She's also a mainstay at renowned Ibiza, such as Marco Carola's Music on Amnesia. And beyond the shores of the White Isle, she's a regular at striking nightclubs in Spain like Fabrik Madrid and Pacha Barcelona. "Whether I'm playing to 15,000 people at a festival or to 300 people at a club, it's all about that special connection with the crowd and really feeling that bond and sense of togetherness. You have to feel that feeling in both atmospheres, and I feel it, which is how I know I chose the right profession." The integrity of the one-of-a-kind Ibiza groove is an international concept that continues to live on in Anna Tur. Her sensational soundscapes and enlightening entrepreneurial mindset instill a sense of inspiration in other like-minded creatives and music lovers. It's artists like her that keep this enchanting world of electronic dance music spinning around.  She wisely notes, "When you're passionate about something and you choose to make it your career, it becomes a part of your life and everyday is an adventure. Plus, you get to change the world by doing so."

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