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Born and raised in the picturesque suburbs of Auckland, New Zealand, brothers Ben and Louis Helliker-Hales form this talented duo, Chaos In The CBD, whose music carries an unmistakable touch of their idyllic upbringing. Their journey from the beaches of New Zealand to the bustling dance community of Peckham, London, has seen them rise as one of the hottest acts in the house music scene.

Guided by their music-loving parents, who introduced them to bands like The Cure and Joy Division, Ben and Louis initially explored their passion through various genres, playing in jazz and indie bands during their teenage years. However, it was their discovery of electronic music in the mid-2000s that sparked their fascination with house and techno.

Influenced by the pulsating rhythms and infectious energy of the Chicago house sound, Louis' conversion from rock to house music during a Melbourne rave became the catalyst for Chaos In The CBD. Returning from the rave with newfound inspiration, Louis guided his brother Ben's exploration of electronic production, ultimately leading them to craft their signature sound.

The brothers' accidental move to Peckham led them to cross paths with Bradley Zero, a local influencer and key player in the emerging Peckham dance scene. Their meeting led to a fortuitous collaboration, with Bradley later releasing their breakthrough EP, Midnight In Peckham, through his label, Rhythm Section. The record was met with critical acclaim, characterized by intricate drum patterns and the enchanting trumpet sounds of Isaac Aesili.

As Chaos In The CBD gained momentum, they embarked on a journey of studio work and intense DJ touring, earning a reputation for their remarkable live sets. Their productions evolved, embracing the jazz influences from their earlier years. Notable releases such as "816" to "Nunhead" and "No Signal Found" showcased their ability to seamlessly blend jazz, disco, and techno.

In addition to their own releases, Chaos In The CBD co-founded In Dust We Trust label alongside fellow Kiwi Jon Sable. The label has become a platform for their artistic vision, nurturing their creativity and enabling them to release music at their desired pace.

From performing at renowned festivals to sharing their passion for house music with audiences worldwide, Chaos In The CBD has established themselves as a force to be reckoned with. Their music carries a distinct chillness, reminiscent of their upbringing by the beach, while their live sets pack a powerful punch.

As they continue to shape their career, Chaos In The CBD stands at a crossroads, taking stock of their accomplishments and looking ahead to the next ten years. They are keen to collaborate with external labels, expanding their horizons beyond their own creations and embracing new creative opportunities.

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