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Born as Alexander Georgiandis, the figure known globally as Detlef is a tour de force in the world of house music. Hailing from Greece, he's become renowned as a leading DJ and producer, causing significant ripples in the underground scene.

Georgiandis has carved out a strong reputation for his dynamic live sets and vibrant mixes, resulting in him becoming a favourite amongst clubbers worldwide. His style and skill have earned him endorsements from industry icons such as Jamie Jones, Marco Carola, Green Velvet, Matthias Tanzmann, and the legendary Pete Tong.

Georgiandis' rapid rise can also be attributed to his association with respected labels like Hot Creations, Moon Harbour, and Relief Records. Through these platforms, he's consistently released and remixed tracks that have been met with widespread acclaim. His collaborations are also noteworthy; working with Jamie Jones on Kevin Knapps' "Blah Blah" track and with the legendary Green Velvet on the Bassick and Groove Nation EPs, exemplifies his versatility and widespread appeal.

One of his career highlights is the overwhelming success of his Swagon EP, released on Repopulate Mars. This 3-track EP was met with significant acclaim, amassing over 12 million plays on Spotify. It also secured the #1 spot on Beatport, further solidifying Georgiandis' influence in the industry.

Georgiandis standing as an official resident at Jamie Jones' iconic Paradise nights at the famous DC-10 in Ibiza adds another feather to his cap. This prestigious position saw Georgiandis on a relentless touring schedule, with appearances at the Paradise Ibiza's closing party, The Warehouse Project, ADE's Paradise event, Insomniac’s Escape Festival, and CRRSD Festival. These performances have showcased his abilities on a global stage, contributing significantly to his meteoric rise.

In 2023, Georgiandis embarked on a new venture with the launch of his label, ISSUES. This move symbolizes his commitment to nurturing and disseminating quality house music, while also marking the next exciting chapter in his already impressive career.

As Georgiandis' journey continues, his contribution to house music is undeniable. His blend of vibrant mixes and dynamic live sets, coupled with his impressive catalogue of tracks, collaborations, and a tireless work ethic, all contribute to his reputation as one of the industry's leading lights. For those just discovering house music, Georgiandis' story is a testament to dedication, passion, and the transformative power of music.

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