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Giorgia Angiuli is a classically trained musician, composer, and multi-instrumentalist from Italy. Through her solo productions, she moves seamlessly between techno, house, and electro-pop. Now with two full-length albums and an endearing online fanbase beneath her wings, this talented producer is undoubtedly on track to soar.

Born in Puglia–commonly referred to as the heel of Italy ́s boot– Angiuli developed her interest in electronic music early on in life. A devout and talented instrumentalist, she began experimenting with different techniques, samples, and mixes. When she began her solo project in 2013, she snagged a residency at Tenax Club in Florence. A true visionary, Angiuli’s sets are unlike anyone else. During her performances, she’s also a big fan of toys. In addition to her dreamy vocals, during her live sets, she uses a theremin, toy flute, sax, trumpets, and just about any instrumental toy she can get her hands on. Her succinctly titled debut EP, Noises, was released in 2014 on the Italian-based imprint Metropolitan Recordings.

Over the next five years, she would play some of the world’s most renowned clubs: Output in New York, Rex Club in Paris, Privilege in Ibiza, and  Kater Blau in Berlin have all hosted her. In 2018, the project really began to take flight. That summer, Angiuli hit the summer festival circuit and began touring around Europe, Australia, South America, and the United States. Later that fall, she released her debut album In a Pink Bubble with Stil vor Talent. The album would receive critical acclaim from dance music heralds DJ Mag (who awarded the album a 9.5/10) and German Faze Magazin (10/10).

In the years since, Angiuli's online presence has gained her a greater presence and brand recognition. This small-town girl from Puglia now resides in Florence, and reportedly is “just getting started.”

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