Timo Maas Flips Giorgia Anguili’s 'Hidden Miracles' Into Ethereal Techno Bliss

May 27, 2022

Austin Miller

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Few artists have the breadth of experience to match that of Timo Maas. The German producer has become a venerable dance music figure through a career spanning over thirty-five years, never failing to evolve his offerings to continue pushing the boundaries of sound. From running his label, Rockets & Ponies, to headlining Bencasim After Blur and clubs around the world, Maas’ technical aptitude and industry wherewithal have earned him a reputation of high respect across the board.

Timo is no stranger to the remix game. Over the years he’s garnered interest from superstars such as Madonna, Muse, Fatboy Slim, and Paul McCartney, even scoring a Grammy nomination for a remix of McCartney’s “Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five.” While one might think Maas’ productivity would slow after thirty-five years, 2022 has been one of his most exciting years to date, releasing five new remixes in the span of five months. As Timo prepares for his busiest performance season yet, we look to the track that began this action-packed year, a transcendent techno remix of Giorgia Anguili’s, “Hidden Miracles.”

From beat one, distant claps juxtapose the thumping kick that shortens the breath and flutters the heart. One by one, new layers patiently materialize in an expansive sonic space.Oscillating bass waves steadily quake the earth below, while haunting chimes entwine with fairy-like synths twirling overhead. This elegant soundscape provides listeners with space for broad expression from reflective meditation to driven rejuvenation.

If there’s one artist who can show us the “Hidden Miracles” that lie within music, it’s Timo Maas.

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