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Born and raised in Madrid, Oak grew up listening to his father’s record collection and was particularly enamored of Pink Floyd. He took piano lessons for five years, but his interest shifted to dance music as a teen shifted once his friend became a DJ.

It wasn't long before Oaks recognized the potential of vinyl. He chose the path of a vinyl-only DJ, a decision that would later hallmark his identity in the techno world. With a natural flair for mixing and a keen ear for exceptional tracks, he quickly made a name for himself in the scene. Yet, destiny had bigger plans for him.

Berlin, with its pulsating techno scene, beckoned. Heeding its call, Oaks relocated, a decision that would catapult his career to unprecedented heights. Oaks' Sunday visits to Berghain played a pivotal role in creating relationships with club owners that paved the way for his ongoing residency at Bassiani in Tbilisi, Georgia, which started in 2016 and continues to this day.

In Berlin, Héctor founded two record labels, KAOS and OAKS, reflecting his vision and passion for the genre. With a unique ability to blend contemporary and classic techno with gems from the early 2000s, he soon became Europe's much-sought-after techno artist. Those familiar with his work know that his exceptional track selection isn't mere chance. Oaks spends considerable time scouring record shops globally, always hunting for the next big record.

But what truly sets Oaks apart is his connection with his audience. With years of practice and dedication, he's mastered connecting with audiences, delivering performances that leave them mind blown. Oaks' reputation has earned him spots in some of the world's biggest music festivals, including Awakenings, Dekmantel, glitch , Monegros, Sonus, Sziget, Time Warp and Tomorrowland.

Recently, Oaks released his sophomore album, Fuego Universal where he aims to expand the boundaries of techno by incorporating elements from subcultural genres such as pop, rap, and Latin music.

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