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Getting his start in the early 2000s, Kaskade has maintained his connection to dance music and become one of the most successful artists in the history of the genre. His collection of accolades is so long and so widespread it defies the concept of a list, but today in 2022 he is just as (if not more) relevant as he was when he first stepped up to the DJ booth.

Born Ryan Raddon in Chicago, the birthplace of house music took a strong hold on him throughout his early years. He spent his days as an A&R director and also a record store owner while DJing at night, eventually playing in other cities like New York and Salt Lake City.

The Kaskade name took hold in 2003 with the single “It's You, It's Me,” and since then, Raddon has released hundreds of tracks including over 20 albums with classics like Atmosphere, Fire & IceAutomatic, and even a Christmas album.

With his music Raddon has developed a diverse catalog of sounds touching on house, techno, big room, tech house, and more. Now being known for his grander productions like “Disarm You” featuring Isley, he has directed his more underground offerings into a side project known as Redux which is developing its own considerable notoriety.

Raddon is also known for making history with his live performances like attracting the biggest crowd in Coachella history at the time in 2015 and being the first artist to ever headline SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles.

Of late his focus has been his new collaborative project with deadmau5, Kx5. Following their 2008 breakout single “I Remember,” the duo have come together for a full-fledged project that will see them headline Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in December 2022.

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