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Born and raised in Berlin, Kobosil is widely considered one of the fastest-rising DJs/producers in the modern techno scene. With a musical aesthetic rooted in the cathartic energy of industrial and EBM, his sound has landed him established residencies at a young age, plus support from some of dance music’s biggest stars.

Kobosil was raised in the working class district of Berlin, Neukölln. Perhaps it's evident in his deep, fast, and aggressive musical stylings. From the age of 18, he was a religious attendee of Berlin’s most secretive techno club, Berghain. Here, he began to draw inspiration for his own sound and how he would structure his own live sets. Towards the end of 2012, he made the risky decision of dropping out of college, just months before he would graduate with an audio engineering degree, to pursue music full-time.

Luckily for him, he had two big breaks coming his way soon after. Andy Baumecker (better known as half of Barker & Baumecker) tapped Kobosil to remix his track “Silo” after a previous commissioned artist missed a deadline. Young Kobosil jumped at the opportunity. Suddenly, at 22 years old, he has a single with Berghain's in-house label Ostgut Ton. Barely two years later, after developing a fast friendship with Baumecker and a few other artists at Berghain, Kobosil was given his own residency at the infamous club.

In the studio, he’s been able to showcase his dark yet ecstatic production style with his intense four-tracker 91 and his full-length LP, We Grow, You Decline, which he released to Ostgut Ton in May 2016. These days, the young go-getter is also running his R Label Group imprint, which he uses as a platform to promote up-and-coming Berlin producers. And when he’s not releasing music, he’s on the road supporting major acts like Amelie Lens, Richie Hawtin, and Carl Cox.

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