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U.K. electronic duo Overmono has delivered some of the most distinctive dance tracks of the decade. Their minimalistic, yet infectious sound is driven by breakbeats, arpeggiated chords, and glitchy synths. Influenced by garage, minimal electronica, Italo-disco, and even hip-hop, they debuted their unique style in 2016 on their debut EP Arla. The pair continued to develop their sound on 2017’s Arla II and Arla III, 2020’s EP Everything You Need, and are now celebrating their seventh EP, Cash Romantic in 2022.

Brothers Tom and Ed Russel were raised in Wales and despite having no shortage of time to create music together, each sibling decided to record individually, establishing successful careers before dedicating themselves to their joint project. Born ten years apart, it was Tom who started releasing grungy techno tracks under the moniker Truss while Ed was still coming of age. Inspired by his older brother, Ed was attentive to Tom’s musical journey and at the age of 11 purchased his own set of decks to forge his own path. Under the name Tessela, Ed began making 90s rave-instilled bass work.

So involved in their individual careers, time went on without the two ever thinking to combine their efforts. Apart from an isolated release as TR/ER in 2012, they stuck to their own worlds and supported each other from afar. It wasn’t until a shared car ride to their mom’s house that the thought of collaborating occurred to them. While they can’t remember what caused the epiphany or even what music was playing that could have shifted their perspective, what happened next is what jump started their career as Overmono.

What followed was a five-day, isolated writing session in a small cottage away from the commotion of London’s city life. This set the scene for a concentrated effort to expand their productions and create an entirely different style they could share. Influenced by early Detroit records, the two finished Arla and shopped it around until British dance label XL Recordings instantly signed the brothers.

Now years later, Tom and Ed Russel are going strong. Though the pandemic caused a longer-than-wanted hiatus, the two used that time to polish their nuanced sound even more. Committing a tremendous amount of time to their legendary Bromely studio, Overmono came out of the pandemic lull with more music and more energy to put out at their live shows.

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