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Charlotte De Witte is everywhere all at once. This is not only a reference to the Belgian-born artist’s rigorous tour schedule that takes her to six continents at near world-record pace, but to the ubiquitous influence she has on the world at large.

If she isn’t on stage playing her unique brand of techno that touches on American styles like Acid infused with the hammering sound that her fellow Europeans brought into the global conversation, her face is on a poster promoting the next time she’s coming to town.

If she just came through the region, someone there is sure to be listening to her music on their headphones, absorbing the wide variety of sounds from the bangers she provides to massive crowds, to the ruthless ambient that is somehow just as intense despite the lack of drums.

And if it’s not her music, someone is likely listening to one of the many releases she’s personally curated via her label KNTXT. Fellow tastemakers and frequent lineup-mates like ONYVAA, Indira Paganotto, Chris Liebing, and Acid Asian have all offered their talents to KNTXT as the brand consistently grows into a thriving family of artists.

Beyond the label, KNTXT is also synonymous with a striking fashion collection. The angular “X” logo is like a bat signal at techno events around the world, communicating a shared reverence for what Charlotte De Witte has created and continues to create. Her design has also extended into other brands as she did with Filling Pieces during ADE 2022.

In the last few years, De Witte has been on the cover of Mixmag and DJ Mag, she’s held a residency on BBC Radio 1, won Best Techno at the DJ awards, and played every major techno event in the world.

She’s going everywhere.  She’s doing everything. And she shows no signs of stopping.


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