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David Sinopoli, more commonly known by solely his surname—which also serves as his onstage moniker—is a DJ, music producer, event producer, and venue owner based in Miami, Florida. In addition to founding III Points Music Festival in 2013—which during its tenure has brought top names like Eric Prydz, Peggy Gou, Rüfus du Sol, Wu Tang Clan, Black Coffee, Kaytranda, Zhu, and more to the city—he’s also at the helm of some of the city’s most iconic dance music venues: Club Space, The Ground, and Floyd.

Club Space is perhaps one of the most well known Miami clubs, especially after its 20-year tenure in the city. This dance music mecca is widely recognized for keeping the party going all night long (and well into the morning) as well as for the variety of top artist Sinopoli has hosted there, including Sherelle, HAAi, Dom Dolla, Dombresky, Malaa, Wax Motif, Sasha, Kölsch, Pete Tong, and more. The club also boasts residents including Ms. Mada, Bakke, Thunderpony, Miguelle, and more. The Ground and Floyd, Sinopoli’s other ventures and the sister clubs of Club Space, are equally notable. The Ground is a larger space located on the ground floor of Club Space where larger events and concerts are hosted, including shows for genres outside dance music. Floyd is a more intimate, cozy space where attendees can enjoy more personal sets from the likes of Chloe Caillet, Solardo, Guti, and more.

Clearly, as a venue owner, operator and event curator, Sinopoli has a vision. And as a musician, he certainly has one, too. Sinopoli is highly versed in a variety of dance music genres, playing house and techno sets that delve into acid, afro house, and tech house. He often graces the stages at his own venues, and has shared bills with the likes of Tiffyvera, Maccabi, and Davis.

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